Annual French Film Festival

Southern Methodist University presents:

18th French Film Festival 2014

Presented in collaboration with the French Department. 

All showings are at 7 pm & admission is FREE, in the theatre of Hughes Trigg Student Center.

DATE: March 20, 2014

L’Enfant d’en haut


By Ursula Meire with Léa Seydoux

2012 / 97mn

A keenly observed examination of class differences and tenuous family ties, Ursula Meier’s accomplished second film (after 2008’s equally assured Home) focuses on 12-year-old Simon and his desperate attempts to survive. Simon lives in a bleak housing project in the valley of a posh Swiss ski resort. This tiny, cunning boy steals skis and other expensive equipment, later reselling it to his neighbors. In his indelible, heartbreaking portrayal of Simon, Klein joins the ranks of cinema’s greatest child actors.

DATE: March 22, 2014

La Rafle

By Roselyne Bosch with Jean Réno

2012 / 119mn

In picturesque Montmarte, three children wearing a yellow star play in the streets, oblivious to the darkness spreading over Nazi-occupied France. Their parents do not seem too concerned either, somehow putting their trust in the Vichy Government. But beyond this view, much is going on. Hitler demands that the French government round up its Jews and put them on trains for the extermination camps in the East. 

DATE: March 25, 2014


By Patrick Alessandrin with Cyril Raffaelli

2009 / 100mn

The loud, intense, and explosive action saga Banlieue 13: Ultimatum is a sequel to the 2004 European blockbuster Banlieue 13. This second installment was directed by Patrick Alessandrin but initially gestated from the vision of writer-producer Luc Besson, also responsible for scripting and producing the first go-round. Ultimatum unfurls three years after the original, in the slightly dystopian realm of suburban Paris, circa 2013. Ultra-violence now riddles that sphere -- to such a degree that cops have imposed a lockdown on the area, to little avail. 

DATE: March 29, 2014

Berlin 1885

By Joël Calmettes

2010 / 84mn

An exemplary documentary that exposes one of the most ignominious—and little-studied—events of the past 130 years, Joël Calmettes’s film chronicles the Berlin Conference on Africa. At this meeting, held at Chancellor Otto von Bismarck’s official residence in Berlin, the major European countries and the US divided up the vast continent for their own personal gain, setting in motion the ruinous colonization of Africa that continued for the next several decades.

DATE: April 2, 2014

Holy Motors

By Léos Carax with Denis Lavant

2013 / 115mn

Expansive, breathtaking, and thrillingly unclassifiable, Holy Motors is writer-director Leos Carax’s first feature since Pola X (1999), and only his fifth in three decades. Both a lamentation for and celebration of cinema, the film opens with Carax himself, walking down a long corridor to a movie-theater balcony that overlooks a roomful of motionless, stony-silent spectators. After this dream-like prologue, we are introduced to the movie’s main character, Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant, Carax’s frequent collaborator), a professional chameleon who inhabits nearly 12 different personas over the course of a single day.

DATE: April 5, 2014


By  Régis Roinsard with Romain Duris

2013 / 111mn

Spring, 1958: 21-year-old Rose Pamphyle lives with her grouchy widower father who runs the village store. Engaged to the son of the local mechanic, she seems destined for the quiet, drudgery-filled life of a housewife. But that's not the life Rose longs for. When she travels to Lisieux in Normandy, where charismatic insurance agency boss Louis Echard is advertising for a secretary, the ensuing interview is a disaster. But Rose reveals a special gift - she can type at extraordinary speed...