Strategic Plan

Dedman College Strategic Plan

PUTTING IDEAS TO WORK The Strategic Plan for Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, 2011-2016

Discovery starts with bold ideas. Great universities nurture ideas, test them and put them to work in service of people and organizations.

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences is the place where great ideas take root, where students are challenged to transform learning into action.

At the heart of SMU, Dedman College prepares students for the challenges of a complex world with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. With over 80 degree plans and more than 130 programs, the college offers students a wealth of choices spanning the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, and with opportunities for advanced graduate education in numerous fields. The research conducted in the college – on topics from seismology to drug discovery, domestic violence to the American Revolution – drives solutions for the pressing needs of society, from the neighborhoods of Dallas to the far reaches of the world. The faculty, students and alumni of Dedman College are known, on campus and well beyond, for the breadth of their interests and accomplishments, for their intellectual curiosity and creativity and for their profound commitment to making a difference.

As SMU begins its second century of achievement, we stand at a unique moment of opportunity for Dedman College. In this strategic plan, faculty and staff, alumni and community leaders have come together to assess the College’s strengths, address its weaknesses, identify its competitive advantages and chart a clear vision for future growth and prominence. We believe that Dedman College stands apart, within SMU and across the landscape of American higher education, in its commitment to the practical benefits of broad, engaged learning across the disciplines and to the transformative power of discovery through research. We also draw strength from our vibrant urban home: Dedman College is energized by the rising global city of Dallas, while Dallas in turn is enriched and inspired by the programs and people of Dedman College.

Every day, in the classrooms of Dallas Hall and the laboratories of Dedman Life Sciences Building, Dedman College challenges students and faculty to turn ideas into actions, to understand a rapidly changing world, to serve a society hungry for answers and to make real the promise of liberal arts education and scholarly research. For Dedman College – and indeed, for SMU – to reach its full potential, we must translate the ideas, aspirations and strategic priorities detailed in the pages that follow into actions, answers and, above all, results. I invite you to join us in creating an extraordinary future for Dedman College.