2014 Dedman College News

2014 Dedman College News

1200 News Radio, Republican Candidates Rushing to Tout 'Christian' Values - (4/16/2014)

PDF, SMU Ph.D. 2007 Graduate Receives Robert A. Calvert Book Prize - (4/16/2014)

SMU Junior Rahfin Faruk Awarded 2014 Truman Scholarship - (4/16/2014)

My FOX DFW, FOX 4Ward: Cruz & Cornyn - (3/28/2014)

SMU News, A Mustang in Lobster Clothing - (3/28/2014)

Yahoo News, Humans May Have Been Stuck on Bering Strait for 10,000 Years - (3/28/2014)

San Angelo Standard Times, Human trafficking under the microscope - (3/11/2014)

Brookhaven Courier, Professor talks Texas pros, cons - (3/3/2014)

Dallas Morning News, North Texas’ young scientists show off projects during science fair at Fair Park - (3/3/2014)

Star Telegram, In Grapevine, a Tea Party leader says no to — Methodists? - (3/3/2014)

Dallas Morning News, Editorial: Hits and Misses - (2/24/2014)

SMU Blog, PhD Student Receives an Outstanding Poster Award and is Published in Retrovirology - (2/24/2014)

Wooster Weekly News, Navarro-Farr to present first spring faculty at large lecture at college - (2/24/2014)

YouTube, How to Become A Better Poet - (2/24/2014)

Dallas Morning News, SMU scientists: study of Azle earthquakes, gas drilling will take years - (2/17/2014)

Dallas Morning News, TEXAS FAITH: Is President Obama part of reinventing American civil religion – God and the public square? - (2/17/2014)

Star Telegram, Chris Christie gets chilly reception on his visit to North Texas - (2/17/2014)

Hispanic Business News, Regent May Have Attended Secret Koch Brothers Meeting - (2/12/2014)

BioTechniques, Determining the Color of Dinosaur Skin - (2/10/2014)

CNN, First dinosaur bones in Saudi Arabia discovered - (2/10/2014)

PDF, Embrey Human Rights Program seeks submissions for Triumph of the Spirit Award - (2/10/2014)

PDF, Department of Statistical Science announces Bill Schucany Visiting Scholar - (2/10/2014)

Star Telegram, Wendy Davis leaves local law firm - (2/10/2014)

Dallas Morning News, Mexico pitches energy reform - (2/9/2014)

Star Telegram, Governor’s race has gone messy, and it’s only January - (2/6/2014)

Christian Science Monitor, State of the Union: Can Obama get his mojo back? (+video) - (2/4/2014)

Critical Mention, Texas Senator Wendy Davis clearing the air about her personal story - (1/31/2014)

Culture Map Houston, Gone to pot? Texas Governor Rick Perry softens stance on marijuana - (1/31/2014)

Texas Tribune, Hispanic Republicans Look Past Primary Elections - (1/31/2014)

UPI, Parents can change mind on spanking if told it harms a child - (1/31/2014)

Huffington Post College, A Lesson From the Great Debaters: MLK's Dream 50 Years Later - (1/30/2014)

Medical Xpress, Parents less likely to spank after reading briefly about its links to problems in children - (1/30/2014)

PDF, Excellence in Data Mining at SMU - (1/30/2014)

Saint Louis Today, History Museum names archaeologist, historian as president - (1/30/2014)

SMU Website, Success that took him to the boardroom started in the dorm room - (1/30/2014)

SMU Daily Campus, Alumni create smart doorbell - (1/29/2014)

China Digital Times, Cards For Humanity: Chinese Dissident Deck Reviewed - (1/24/2014)

Dallas Morning News, ‘Freedom Riders’ film to kick off conversation series - (1/24/2014)

PDF, Compelling New Novel by Creative Writing Director David Haynes reveals how tragedy and friendship shape four lives - (1/24/2014)

Religion and Politics, How Should We Teach the Bible in Public Schools? - (1/24/2014)

Yahoo Finance, End of an Era is Declared as Study Shows Why Mexican Immigrants Are Choosing to Return to Mexico in Historic Numbers - (1/22/2014)

KSAT, Dallas teacher creates new kind of comic book hero - (1/21/2014)

Religious and Politics, How Should We Teach the Bible in Public Schools? - (1/21/2014)

Writer Magazine, Title Search - (1/21/2014)

SMU Website, Why the iWatch will likely fail - (1/17/2014)

Guide Live, How Dallas’ Perot dinosaur became a star on ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ - (1/13/2014)

KERA News, Harold Simmons, The Dallas Billionaire, Leaves A Political, Philanthropic, Financial Legacy - (1/13/2014)

KERA News, Geophysicists Are Placing Monitoring Boxes In North Texas' Earthquake Epicenter - (1/13/2014)

The Wichita Eagle, Texas gubernatorial candidates donations discussed by Political Science professor - (1/13/2014)

KUT News, Note to Texas Candidates: Female Voters Cast More Ballots Than Men - (1/8/2014)

YouTube, SMU In The News 2013 - (1/3/2014)