Information Technology & Operations Management (ITOM)

MBA Information & Operations Management Concentration

Primary Concentration

Core courses not included in the 12-hour total:

ACCT 6202   Financial Accounting II
OR ACCT 6205    Managerial Accounting I
ITOM 6202  Management Decision Analysis                        
ITOM 6203
 Operations Management

Plus 12 hours with a minimum of 4 hours from the foundation course list and 8 hours selected from the remaining foundation and elective courses.

Foundation Courses (At least two (2) foundation Courses):

ITOM 6207         
 Supply Chain Management
ITOM 6215
 Database Design for Business Applications     
ITOM 6225  Project Management

Plus additional courses selected from the following electives:

ITOM 6205         
 Introduction to e-Business
ITOM 6214  
 Business Modeling Using Spreadsheets
ITOM 6217  Business Intelligence and Data Mining
ITOM 6218  Business Process Consulting
ITOM 6220  Revenue Management
ITOM 6222  Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
ITOM 6224  Managing Service Operations
ITOM 6226  Operations Management Strategy
ITOM 6230  Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring


A minor in Information & Operations Management can be obtained by taking a total of four (4) of the above courses, subject to the same foundations course requirements in the primary concentration.