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International City Information

Euromonitor is the publisher of the Passport database, which contains international city level data that can be difficult to find elsewhere. This is a restricted database meaning that you must be a current SMU faculty, staff or student in order to use it. Select Passport from the Business Databases list. After logging in and agreeing to use the information for academic purposes, hover over the Economies tab and click on Cities.

From this page you can select the Dashboards to see cities arranged in a bar chart for a wide variety of topics. The Cities Income Distribution dashboard allows you to see the effect of various scenarios, such as Brexit or Latin American stagnation, on selected cities.

Use the Analysis Finder to select a specific geography by clicking through region and country (which are grayed out) to find the included cities. For major cities around the world you will see a City Review including economic, labor, consumer and population statistics.

The International Business Research Guide contains other sources of city-level data that the business librarians have discovered. For example, the Brookings Institute wrote a report in 2015 entitled Redefining Global Cities that is included on the Economics tab.

City level information can be used for class projects as well as preparing for educational travel to foreign destinations. If you need assistance finding this type of information, Ask a Business Librarian.

Save your work safely!

When using the Business Library computers, it is very easy to save to the Desktop. But that is not the safest way to save. Whenever the computer is rebooted all work will be deleted with no hope of retrieving it. Reboots happen automatically when the library is closing, but computers can also reboot unexpectedly due to power failures or operating glitches.

Therefore, it is wise to save your work to an outside source. This can be a cloud solution such as One Drive or a physical device like a USB stick.

If you have any questions, please contact a Business Library staff member.

FREE scanner

Do you need a digital copy of items such as  class notes, pages from the Houston Book of Lists or your driver’s license?

The scanner in the Business Library is located near the group tables around the corner from the photocopier. No login or money required.

  • Use the touchscreen to select ADF to automatically feed up to 20 pages for quick and easy scanning of loose pages, including duplex.

  • Select the book edge scanner for book pages and oddly sized items such as photographs and passports.

  • You can save your files to a USB drive, send them by e-mail, change your document from a PDF to images, and even select parts of the text to convert to a MP3 file to listen while you’re on the go!

* Remember to abide by copyright agreements when scanning.*

If you have any questions, please contact a Business Library staff member.