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Staff Resources

CUL Inclement Weather Policy

Originally approved by CUL Leadership Team March 29, 2011

Revised February, 2012

Background: SMU makes a decision regarding holding classes during inclement weather by 5:30 am for daytime classes and events, and by 3:30 pm for evening classes and events. During recent inclement weather, SMU administration verified that it views the library as an essential service. Given this status, core hours, staffing policies, and notification guidelines for inclement weather follow.

When residence halls are open but SMU classes are cancelled, Fondren Library Center hours will generally be 8 am – 6 pm.

  • When extreme conditions are forecast for overnight hours and SMU has not made a decision, SRRS and administration may elect to close Fondren at 9 pm, allowing students and staff to get safely home.
  • If the library is open overnight, and a decision to cancel classes for the day is made by 5:30 am, staff already in the library (students and security guard) will remain in the building until staff working from 8am – 6 pm arrive.
  • If a decision is made by 3:30 pm to close the university for the evening, Fondren will close at 6 pm.
  • Weekend hours when the university is closed will be 12 pm – 6 pm.


  • No staff will be required to work if SMU is closed.
  • The emergency telephone tree will be used to inform staff of SMU closing decisions.
  • SRRS will maintain a list of staff willing to work when SMU is closed and will telephone volunteers prior to opening. Two permanent public service staff volunteers will be necessary to keep the building open and provide basic services; if two staff members are not available, Fondren Library Center will not open.
  • Supervisors are responsible for notifying staff and student workers who would be affected by changes in hours, early closings, etc.


  • Once library core hours are set, they can be included in SMU’s inclement weather announcement.
  • SRRS staff will communicate hours to library IT, who will post to CUL and Fondren Library Center website.
  • The Assistant Dean for Human Resources/Facilities or the Assistant Dean for SRRS will contact SMU Police (8-3333) and SMU Facilities Services (8-3494) to confirm that Fondren Library Center will be open.

Other CUL libraries:

  • Only Fondren Library Center will be open during SMU inclement weather closings.