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Library Directory

CUL Staff Directory

Photo Name Location / Division Title Email Phone
Janet Allmon photo  Allmon, Janet
Technology Services

PIT & Projects Management

Library Specialist V 214-768-2239
Pamalla Anderson photo  Anderson, Pamalla
DeGolyer Library

Archivist / Archivist, Archives of Women of the Southwest

Curator 214-768-0829
Eldric Bach photo  Bach, Eldric
Technology Services

Bindery & Metadata Specialist

Library Specialist IV
Heather Barrett photo  Barrett, Heather Technology Services

Acquisitions and Serials Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-3696
Stacey Beach photo  Beach, Stacey Technology Services

Authority Control and Database Maintenance Librarian

Librarian III 214-768-3729
Renee Bell photo  Bell, Renee Fondren Library

Stacks Manager

Library Specialist V 214-768-1839
Cindy Boeke photo  Boeke, Cindy Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Assistant Director, Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Librarian III 214-768-4361
 Caroline Byrne photo  Byrne, Caroline Fondren Library

Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Library Specialist IV 214-768-2259
Amy Carver photo  Carver, Amy Administration Director, Friends of the SMU Libraries & Director, CUL Marketing and External Relations 214-768-1939
Samantha Cavanaugh photo  Cavanaugh, Samantha Fondren Library

Assistant Circulation Manager

Library Specialist IV 214-768-9329
 No Photo Available  Cybulski, Margaret Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digital Production Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-2284
 LaGail Davis photo  Davis, LaGail Hamon Arts Library

General Operations Manager

Library Specialist V 214-768-4437
Evelyn Day photo  Day, Evelyn Fondren Library

Social Sciences Research Librarian

Librarian II  214-768-3743
Odette De Jesus Marti photo
 De Jesús Martí, Odette
Fondren Library

Public Services Specialist

Library Specialist IV 214-768-4397
Jolene de Verges photo  de Verges, Jolene
Hamon Arts Library

Interim Director, Fondren Library & Head of Research Services

Librarian IV 214-768-1855
Abby Dover photo  Dover, Abby Technology Services

Monograph Catalog and Authority Control Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-2334
Bill Dworaczyk photo  Dworaczyk, Bill Administration Assistant Dean, Human Resources and Facilities 214-768-3140
Katie Dziminski photo  Dziminski, Katie DeGolyer Library

Head of Public Services

Librarian I 214-768-3609 
Joel Eatmon photo  Eatmon, Joel DeGolyer Library

Collection Development Librarian for Print Collections

Librarian II 214-768-4322
Cynthia Franco photo  Franco, Cynthia DeGolyer Library

Special Collections Librarian

Librarian III 214-768-3605
Hollie Gardner photo  Gardner, Hollie Fondren Library

User Experience Librarian

Librarian II  214-768-2331
 Sylvia George-Williams photo
 George-Williams, Sylvia Fondren Library

Interim Head of Access Services & Engineering Librarian

Librarian III 214-768-1849 
Joan Gosnell photo
 Gosnell, Joan  DeGolyer Library 

University Archivist

Librarian III 214-768-2261
Rebecca Graff photo
 Graff, Rebecca Fondren Library

Research Librarian for English, Medieval Studies, and the Graduate Liberal Studies Program

Librarian II 214-768-3656 
 No Photo Available  Grubbs, Emily Hamon Arts Library

Archivist, Bywaters Special Collections

Librarian II 214-768-1860 
 Megan Heuer photo  Heuer, Megan Fondren Library

Head of the Information Literacy Program & Communication Arts Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-1856 
Terre Heydari photo  Heydari, Terre  DeGolyer Library

Operations Manager

Library Specialist V 214-768-3637 
 No Photo Available  Jenkins, Sarah
Fondren Library

Reference Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-4894

 Jia, Wenchao
Technology Services

Music and Media Acquisitions Specialist

Library Specialist IV 214-768-1382
Carolyn Keenon photo
 Keenon, Carolyn Administration

Human Resources Coordinator

Coordinator II 214-768-1850
 Rahni Kennedy photo  Kennedy, Rahni Technology Services

Music and Media Catalog/Metadata Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-3700
Elizabeth Killingsworth photo
 Killingsworth, Elizabeth
Administration Interim Dean and Director, Central University Libraries
Russell Martin photo
 Martin, Russell DeGolyer Library Assistant Dean, Collections & Director, DeGolyer Library
Senta McClafferty photo
 McClafferty, Senta
Technology Services

Receiving & PIT Projects Specialist

Library Specialist II
214-768-1836  McMichael, Jonathan Fondren Library

User Experience Librarian

Librarian II
Christine Asberry Milazzo photo
 Milazzo, Christine Asberry 
Fondren Library

Library Marketing

Senior Designer 214-768-4162 
John Milazzo photo
 Milazzo, John Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digitization Coordinator

Coordinator II
 Carol Miller photo  Miller, Carol Technology Services

Batch Editing, Copy Cataloging & Authority Control Specialist

Library Specialist IV
Rafia Mirza photo  Mirza, Rafia Fondren Library

Humanities Research Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-1838
Beverly Mitchell photo
 Mitchell, Beverly Hamon Arts Library

Interim Director, Hamon Arts Library & Art and Dance Librarian

Librarian III  214-768-2796 
Ada Negraru photo
 Negraru, Ada DeGolyer Library

Special Collections Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-1338
Ellen Niewyk photo
 Niewyk, Ellen 
Hamon Arts Library

Curator, Bywaters Special Collections

Toni Nolen photo
 Nolen, Toni Technology Services

Interim Co-Director of Technical and Digital Services

Librarian III
Cindy Olson photo
 Olson, Cindy Fondren Library

Circulation Manager

Library Specialist V
Pam Pagels photo
 Pagels, Pam Hamon Arts Library

Music and Theatre Librarian

Librarian II
Anne Peterson photo
 Peterson, Anne DeGolyer Library

Curator of Photographs

Curator 214-768-2661 
 Chris Rincon photo  Rincon, Chris
Hamon Arts Library

Stacks Maintenance Manager

Library Specialist V 214-768-1852
Meg Ruckman photo
 Ruckman, Meg Administration Accountant II
Emily Rueggeberg photo  Rueggeberg, Emily Hamon Arts Library
Hawn Gallery Curatorial Fellow 214-768-2779
Cindy Ruppi photo
 Ruppi, Cindy Administration Assistant to the Interim Dean 214-768-2401 
Maryam Salehezadeh photo
 Salehezadeh, Maryam
Technology Services

Acquisitions, Electronic Resources and Serials & Technology Services Administrative Support Specialist

Library Specialist IV
Sarah Sanabria photo
 Sanabria, Sarah Haight 
Technology Services

Interim Co-Director of Technical and Digital Services & Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian

Librarian III
Katherine Schacht photo
 Schacht, Katherine 
Technology Services

Special Collections Catalog Librarian

Librarian II
Tyeson Seale photo
 Seale, Tyeson Fondren Library

Marketing Coordinator

Coordinator II 214-768-4584
Salomeh Sheridan photo
 Sheridan, Salomeh 
Fondren Library 

Head of Interlibrary Loan

Librarian II 214-768-2942 
Natasha Siu photo
 Siu, Natasha
Technology Services

Collections Analysis Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-3731
 No Photo Available  Spracklen, Jeremy
Hamon Arts Library

Moving Image Curator

Curator 217-768-4637
 Kelly Stapleton photo  Stapleton, Kelly Technology Services

End Processing, Periodicals Check-in, Mail & Copy Cataloging Specialist

Library Specialist IV 214-768-3706
Julia Stewart photo
 Stewart, Julia Fondren Library

Government Information and Social Sciences Research Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-2561
 Jennifer Sullivan photo  Sullivan, Jennifer
 Fondren Library

Science Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-3538
Ruthann Swanson photo
 Swanson, Ruthann 
Technology Services

Special Collections Cataloging and Processing Specialist

Library Specialist IV
Zoltan Szentkiralyi photo
 Szentkiralyi, Zoltan

Director of Assessment

Director II
Ryan Taylor photo  Taylor, Ryan
Technology Services

PIT Projects, Government Information Processing & Ordering Specialist

Library Specialist IV
Rob Walker photo
 Walker, Rob
Norwick Center for Digital Solutions Director, Norwick Center for Digital Solutions
Breanna Webb photo
 Webb, Breanna Technology Services

Electronic Resources Management Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-2318 
 Elisa Welder photo  Welder, Elisa Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Metadata & Digitization Specialist

Library Specialist IV 214-768-1462 
James Williamson photo
 Williamson, James 
Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digital Preservation Librarian

Librarian II 214-768-2323 
Jane Wong photo
 Wong, Jane Fondren Library

Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Library Specialist IV
No Photo Available
 Yapp, Karen
Fondren Library

Course Reserves Coordinator

Library Specialist III
Synae Yoon photo
 Yoon, Synae Technology Services

Music and Media Catalog/Metadata Librarian

Librarian I 214-768-2317 
Jessie Zarazaga photo
 Zarazaga, Jessie
Fondren Library Project Director, Initiative for Spatial Literacy


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Fondren Instruction Lab  x81078
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