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Hamon Arts Library

Current Exhibitions

Danielle Kimzey

Piecing it Together

March 31 - May 28, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, April 7th, 6-8 p.m.
Hawn Gallery, Hamon Arts Library   

Piecing It Together features works by Danielle Kimzey, Mary Laube, and Christopher Reno. These three painters share an interest in exploring the constructed idea of ‘home’ and seek to demystify, through their abstract works, this insular domestic space. This collected body of work draws upon the artists' experiences of parenthood and memories of home, and reveals those associations considered as often banal or overly sentimental. All three artists employ a wide range of mediums in their painting practices and rigorously examine diverse modernist and contemporary techniques and ideologies.



DeForrest Judd – Sketches of Texas Regions -Big Bend, Caddo Lake, Gulf Coast-

August 15, 2016 - August 5, 2017
Hamon Arts Library Second Floor

The DeForrest Judd Collection contains nine sketchbooks that concentrate on his trips to Colorado, the Gulf coast, Caddo Lake, New Mexico, the Big Bend, and the Hill Country in Texas.  Each sketchbook measures approximately [H] 11” x [W] 8 ½”. The sketchbooks featured in this exhibition are from his travels in the 1960s to Big Bend, Caddo Lake, and the Texas Gulf coast.  The original sketchbooks are part of the DeForrest Judd art work and papers located in Bywaters Special Collection in the Hamon Arts Library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. More information.

Octaviano Rangel

Octaviano Rangel: Was he a beast if the music could move him so?

Spring 2017
Hamon Arts Library Third Floor

This exhibition of recent work by Octaviano Rangel is inspired by, and takes its name from, Franz Kakfa's Metamorphosis. On view are a series of cut paper, graphite, and ink collages, as well as a site-specific graphite drawing created directly on the library wall. 

Dylan Glynn

Dylan Glynn: Selected Films

Spring 2017
Hamon Arts Library Second Floor

The films on view on the second floor of Hamon were previously featured in the Hawn Gallery exhibition, Dylan Glynn: After Order, After Disorder. Glynn, a Toronto-based animation filmmaker and illustrator, has developed an ethereal style that captures a fantastical naiveté and nuanced relationship between new and traditional media. Emotive and rich in narration, Glynn’s films feature expansive landscapes sparsely populated by serene, yet impassioned figures struggling to assert their self-hood. Lyrical movement, as well as the deft manipulation and layering of color, characterize the diverse collection of films on view. Presented amidst the second floor stacks, this installation features a selection of seven of Glynn’s most enchanting and technically adept films.


Other material on display

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