Summer Youth Program

Summer Youth Program

SMU Summer Youth Workshops

Chart Your Course for a Summer Learning Adventure!

Workshops feature game design, visual arts in a variety of media, robotics, and LEGO® projects of all shapes and sizes.  Sharpen skills with academic programs focusing on math and language arts, along with SAT/ACT test prep.  Half and full-day workshops offered.  

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Workshop Descriptions

Builders & Constructors

Offered for Grades K - 8
Explore architecture, engineering, and mechanics through hands-on workshops using a variety of tools and technology.  Design your own house, a city of the future, or moving machines using LEGOS®. View workshops.

Creative Arts 

Offered for Grades K – 8
Flex your creative muscles in the visual arts and explore a variety of techniques, materials, and artistic skills in our Creative Arts workshops.  Many of our instructors are practicing artists as well as educators who bring extensive experience to the classroom.  View workshops.

Games & Gamers 

Offered for Grades K - 12
Learn how to create your own unique video and board games to play with your friends and family. Invent your own rules, design characters for your personal gaming adventure, and explore new technology in more advanced classes. Games & Gamers workshops also include Chess Camp to explore the classic strategy game and the Guildhall Advanced Game Design Academy. View Workshops.

Imagination Zone

Offered for Grades K – 8
The sky’s the limit in these workshops! Let your creativity run wild – embark on a secret spy mission; become a scientific superhero; travel to space as an astronaut; or learn amazing magic tricks and develop your own magic show. View workshops.

Super STEM

Offered for Grades K - 8
Investigate science, engineering and robotics in these hands-on workshops. Make your own inventions and compete in challenges, and learn about principles of design and mechanics along the way. Using LEGO® motors and other materials, solve mysteries and conduct experiments in collaborative scientific projects. View workshops.

Techies In Training

Offered for Grades 3 - 8
Jump into the world of emerging technology and learn how multimedia designers use creativity, imagination, and skill to create computer games, apps, and animations.  You’ll develop characters, stories, and challenges to conquer, and we’ll provide the equipment and software. View workshops.

Academic Workshops

Offered for Grades 1 - 8
Get ready for the new school year and jump start your brain power! Back to School Bootcamps focus on language arts, math and skills to help students excel in the classroom. View workshops.