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Choose Your Summer Adventure!

Calling all adventurers for a learning expedition with the SMU Summer Youth Program! Explore eight weeks of workshops in game design, coding, robotics, LEGO® projects, and visual arts. Sharpen your skills with academic programs focusing on math and language arts, along with SAT and ACT test prep. Choose from a variety of workshops each week in the subject areas listed below.

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Subject Areas Include: 

Builders & Constructors
Offered for Grades K - 5
Calling all architects, engineers and mechanics! Design your own house, a city of the future or moving machines using LEGO®.
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Creative Arts
Offered for Grades K - 12
Explore your inner artist while experimenting with a variety of artistic techniques, materials and skills.
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Games & Gamers
Offered for Grades K - 12
Move beyond playing video and board games to creating them! Invent your own rules and characters for your personal gaming adventure while exploring new technology.
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Imagination Zone
Offered for Grades K - 8
Explore your inner magician, scientist, astronaut, spy, and more! 
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Offered for Grades K - 8
Take science and technology into your own hands. Create inventions in robotics, perform science experiments, and program with droids and bots.
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Techies In Training
Offered for Grades 3 - 12
Jump into the world of emerging technology to learn how multimedia designers use creativity, imagination and skills to make computer games and apps.
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Academic Workshops
Offered for Grades 1 - 12
Keep your brain sharp this summer. These workshops will improve language arts, math and other skills you'll need to excel in the classroom. 
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Test Prep
Offered for Grades 9 - 12
Our SAT and ACT Intensive Programs give high school students strategies for succeeding on standardized tests. In a condensed, one-week format, you’ll have 20 hours of expert instruction followed by online review sessions to help you score your highest. Reach your exam date ready to achieve your peak performance.
NOTE: SAT and ACT programs also are offered at the main SMU campus in Dallas.
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