Summer Youth

Summer Youth Program

SMU Summer Youth Program Partners

The award-winning SMU Summer Youth Program encompasses dozens unique courses (presented in more than 200 individual sections over the course of eight weeks) developed in collaboration with a number of organizations and individuals. These partners represent local, regional, and national leaders in STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.), digital media, visual arts, and academics and bring subject matter expertise, innovation, and extensive teaching experience to our curriculum and classrooms.

Our Current Program Partners Include:

Black Rocket

Black Rocket is an educational technology company that specializes in emerging technologies and instruction. Black Rocket’s curriculum is facilitated by experienced, enthusiastic instructors who are passionate about teaching and technology.

Bricks Bots and Beakers (B3)

B3 workshops focus on STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math) topics and promote skills that twenty-first century learners need. Each weekly workshop engages students with in-depth investigation of a single topic – such as robotics, chemistry, or engineering.

Destination Science

Destination Science's mission is to get kids excited about science and to build life skills. Through fun hands-on projects that investigate engineering, physics, and other scientific principles, students will build their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills in a collaborative, cooperative environment.

DFW Speech & Debate

DFW Speech & Debate is committed to helping students sharpen their critical-thinking and communication skills so that they can effectively analyze new ideas, articulate their views, and actively engage with those around them. Experienced instructors have worked with hundreds of students in public speaking and debate classes.

Digital Media Academy (DMA)

DMA is a thought-leader in tech education for kids, teens and adults at prestigious universities across the U.S. and Canada.DMA’s mission is to foster a learning community of diversity and excellence through memorable and innovative educational experiences led by the highest-quality instructors.


Drobots was established by a small group of parents, educators, visionaries and do-it-yourself engineers. Drobots’ mission is to utilize drone technology in an academic setting that promotes collaborative project-based learning.  Students in Drobots classes use imagination, hand-eye coordination and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions - all in a team-oriented environment. 

Engineering For Kids

Engineering For Kids brings STEM topics to students in a fun and challenging way. Projects encourage children to cultivate their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning that builds problem-solving skills and examines real-world challenges.

Enrichment Chess

Enrichment Chess has developed an original curriculum that makes the complicated game of chess accessible to students of various ages and experience. With guidance from specially-trained instructors, students develop their technique, stimulate cognitive development, and learn strategic thinking and problem-solving skills that can be used for a lifetime.

The Guildhall at SMU

The SMU Guildhall is one of the premier graduate digital game development education programs in the United States. Guildhall Academy students are taught and mentored by SMU faculty and graduate students -- leaders and innovators in the field who are excited to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation of game creators.

NuMinds Enrichment

NuMinds Enrichment brings more than a decade of experience to program development and facilitation for high-achieving and gifted learners. NuMinds’ rigorous, interdisciplinary courses are designed for mixed-age classrooms and are rooted in project based learning that encourages student choice and divergent thinking skills.

Play-Well Teknologies

Play-Well Teknologies offers workshops that build problem-solving skills and provide opportunities for creative expression through fun-filled building projects. Using LEGO® building systems, students investigate the concepts and vocabulary of engineering, architecture, and physics.

Young Scholars

Young Scholars is a premier provider of educational programs and services for children, career readiness programs for young adults, and professional development training for educators. Its programs promote academic achievement in S.T.E.A.M. subjects by offering superior enrichment programs, ensuring that future leaders will have the diverse experience, skills, and ideas they need to be strong problem solvers.