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Social Media and Digital Communication Certificate Program | Dallas, TX

"Using" social media is vastly different from knowing "how to use" social media to work for your organization. "Using" is like watching a football game, but learning "how to use" is on the field, actually playing the game.

Certificate Program in Social Media and Digital Communication

Learn to use social media strategically in this three part certificate program. Expert instructors provide an experience-based view of the latest services and channels, and how to use them - strategically. Presented in a cohort format, the three modules will give you the tools you need to create a digital plan with results you can measure.

Social Media Boot Camp - June 1-3, 2016

Learn the skills you really need to master social media in a three-day intensive boot camp. Fast-paced and information-packed, this course will give you the tools to use immediately, plus the foundation to build a strategy for the future. Learn more and register for boot camp.

Boot Camp Fast facts

FORMAT Boot Camp
9 am-5 p.m. - Dallas campus
TUITION $2,395
June 1-3, 2016
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Social Media

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What Are the Benefits?

Learn to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with proven strategies and practical tips from expert instructors. Fast-paced and information-packed, this program will give you tools to use immediately, plus the foundation to build a strategy for the future. You will gain an understanding of the latest social media channels and the most strategic uses for each. You will also learn how to set performance goals and to make the most of analytics tools to demonstrate return on investment from your efforts.

Who Should Attend?

  • Communicators at all levels and from various industries, for-profit and nonprofit
  • Marketers, public relations practitioners, communications specialists - anyone in an external communications role
  • Young professionals learning how to master social media techniques on the job and seasoned pros adapting to our new digital world
  • Officers, senior managers, and staff members interested in getting up to speed on the latest digital communication techniques

Complete These Three Courses to Earn Your Certificate

  • Introduction to Social Media and the Digital Environment 
  • Social Media Analytics and Monitoring
  • Digital Engagement and Advanced Social Media Management

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