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Social Media and Digital Communication Certificate Program

"Using" social media is vastly different from knowing "how to use" social media to work for your organization. "Using" is like watching a football game, but learning "how to use" is on the field, actually playing the game. 

Certificate Program in Social Media and Digital Communication 

Take a deep dive into all things digital with the Social Media and Digital Communication certificate beginning Friday, September 12 at SMU-in-Plano. 

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Certificate Fast Facts

DURATION Five Months
FORMAT Classroom, Plano Campus, Friday mornings
TUITION $3,850 
NEXT COHORT September 12, 2014 -March 6, 2015

Developed in conjunction with the Meadows School of the Arts, this certificate will prepare you to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with proven strategies and practical tips from Meadows lecturer and social media expert, Steve Lee, APR, as your guide. You will learn about these topics and more:

  • Introduction to Social Media and the Digital Environment
  • Web Development, Email Marketing, the Law, and Best Practices
  • Social Media at Work: Relevant Stats, SEO, and Effective Writing
  • Assessing and Changing the Organization
  • Social Media Personalities and the Best Uses for Each Channel
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Assessment and Digital Planning 

Course Instructor

Steve Lee, APR
Adjunct Lecturer in Communication Studies, Southern Methodist University's Meadows School of the Arts
Chairman and Chief Pathfinder, QuickSilver Interactive Group

Steve Lee is not exactly your normal social media expert. For one thing, he has a lot more gray hair than you would expect. But don’t think that just makes him the old guy – decades of business experience combined with techno understanding make for a vibrant combination. That’s how he helps senior executives wade through the latest interactive and marketing trends to create clearer visions of their business and communications needs.

Course Information

The fall 2014 cohort begins September 12 on the SMU-in-Plano Campus