About Us


About Us

The mission of SMU Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) is to provide self-support education and training to enhance careers and transform lives and organizations.

SMU CAPE engages our community through educational opportunities that offer quality, convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Our unique, interdisciplinary course content serves as a gateway to higher education, allowing adults to continue and guide their own learning and youth students to explore their world.

There are lots of famous sayings about change, from quips about the weather in Texas to the only certainty in life being that of death and taxes. In light of the things happening at CAPE in 2012, perhaps the most fitting is the quote by Andy Warhol, "They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

Nearly 60 years of SMU history with "Informal Courses for Adults" has laid the groundwork for Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) on our campus. In recent years, new professional development programs have been added, and CAPE has found even more ways to serve and engage the Dallas community through noncredit learning opportunities. This year, SMU is making strategic changes to ensure that as Dallas' University, we continue reaching out and retaining strong contacts with former and future students in North Texas.

Organizationally, CAPE has found a new administrative home in the Office of the Provost. What that means to our students is that we now represent SMU as a whole with the goal of connecting the campus to the community. We have clarified and refined the mission of CAPE, changing this catalog specifically to reflect that fact. Operationally, we have changed leadership by naming a new Executive Director of Extended Learning and bringing in a new Director of CAPE. Even more changes are coming, with our team expanding this fall and the possibility of a new office location next spring. These changes are indicative of growth in an organization that is as excited about our next half century as SMU is about the second century campaign.

We invite each of you to be change agents during this exciting time as well. As CAPE grows and expands, there is room in our portfolio of noncredit programs for new instructors and new course topics. Send us an email or "Like" us on Facebook, and share your ideas and suggestions as we look for even more ways to serve you and the Dallas community. We want to make sure you continue to have the opportunity to LEARN SOMETHING NEW AT SMU.