Additional Resources

  1. International Trip Cancellation Insurance
  2. Advisories and Tips for Americans Traveling Abroad
  3. Health Related Information
  4. Passport & Visa

1. International Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation protects your financial investment in case your trip has to be cancelled or interrupted. Click here for Trip Cancellation Coverage.

Plan Highlights: covers flight delays and cancellations, interruption or cancellation due to unexpected illness or injury, and more. Tuition costs can be included as part of the trip cost to fully protect your educational investment.

This is an optional coverage and is available at an additional cost to the traveler.

The highlights of the Trip Cancellation benefits include trip reimbursement expenses due to:

  • Sickness/Accidental Injury/Death of Traveler and Family Member
  • Disasters
  • Weather Events
  • Terrorism/Civil Unrest
  • Labor Strikes
  • Delays caused by delayed student visa/passport processing

Please note that coverage is not available for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanction countries and trips costing $10,000 or more. Click here to view the list of OFAC countries.

Click here for Trip Cancellation Coverage.

2. Advisories and Tips for Americans Traveling Abroad

Resources from the US State Department:

Check the weather for cities around the world

3. Health Related Information

Center For Disease Control Information on Diseases and Vaccines
World Health Organization

4. Passport & Visa

To travel abroad to almost any other country, you will need a passport. Your passport must be valid 6 months from your expected date of return.  For more information, visit the Passport Services website.

If you need your passport in a hurry, you can get an expedited passport. To do this you must either be leaving in less than 14 days, or in two to three weeks and you require foreign visas. This will cost you extra plus overnight delivery costs and you must show proof of your upcoming departure, such as plane tickets.

VISA/Foreign Entry Requirements

Many countries, including the US, require some visitors to have a Visa, as well as a passport. For information on entry requirements for a specific country, please go to the Entry/Exit Requirements section in the Country Specific Information for that country. For information on Visa requirements for entering the US, please go to the State Department's Visa website.

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