Fire Prevention

Prevention and Control
 In fire prevention and control, several principles are applied: the quantity of flammable materials is kept to a minimum, fire resistive and fire retardant materials are used, good housekeeping is consistently maintained, and adequate firefighting equipment is easily and quickly accessible. Ignition sources must also be eliminated; however, this is not always easily achieved since one-third of all fires have electrical sources as their cause. Electrical ignition sources can be decreased by proper maintenance, appropriate use of equipment, and reporting electrical defects immediately.

Hot Work Permit
 A Hot Work permit is required whenever there is a need for ensuring fire safety in the performance of hot-work operations; including but not limited to, welding, cutting, brazing, or soldering during demolition, construction, renovation, or maintenance activities within University buildings.

Reporting Hazards
 Once a fire hazard has been discovered, prompt communication to the appropriate party is essential and may include any or all of the following, depending on the location, nature, and seriousness of the hazard:

  1. Any person(s) in the immediate area of the hazard who are endangered
  2. SMU Police Dispatch Center, 214-768-3388
  3. Supervisor
  4. SMU Fire, 214-768-4203

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