Fire Safety

SMU recognizes the importance of having a comprehensive fire safety program that represents a proactive effort directed at recognizing and evaluating fire safety risks and the initiation of appropriate steps to eliminate or reduce these risks.

The Fire Safety Division of the Office of Police and Risk Management is responsible for ensuring compliance with the local fire code and national fire safety standards, building inspections, fire safety education, fire prevention, and evacuation procedures. You can utilize the links to the right to find a vast array of information about the fire safety program. If you can not find the information you are looking for or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The primary goals of the SMU Fire Safety Program are:
  • To maintain fire hazard vigilance such that campus fire hazard conditions are continually eliminated;
  • To create a campus community that knows how to prevent fire emergencies, and knows what to do if fire emergencies should arise;
  • To maintain compliance with University fire safety policies, city fire codes, applicable state and federal fire regulations and guidelines.
The following objectives ensure that this goal is achieved:
  • Continually identify fire hazards and take appropriate mitigation actions before those conditions result in a fire emergency;
  • Oversee ongoing, scheduled, fire safety inspections of all fire suppression systems;
  • Raise fire safety awareness among students, faculty, and staff by conducting ongoing training that covers essential fire safety.

The training is specific to the hazards of the academic environment, yet includes general fire training such as

  • Evacuation procedures;
  • Contribute to debriefing sessions among first responders after fire events transpire, improving plans and protocols;
  • Conduct third party fire safety audits;
  • Develop and enforce sound fire safety policies.

SMU's Division of Fire Safety also actively engages in long term strategic planning, which includes: Monitoring of fire alarms with the EST FireWorks System, a 3D interface technology with the most innovative life safety system to provide a simple means of monitoring and control for SMU's building fire systems.

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SMU Police/Fire Dispatch
Non-Emergency Number

SMU Fire Safety Direct

In Case of Emergency
911 from a land line
or 214-768-3333

Dawson Service Center
3050 Dyer St. Dallas, Texas 75275
PO BOX 750231 Dallas, Texas 75275

Alternate Public Safety Numbers

Plano Campus
911 from a land line
or 972-941-7900

Taos Campus

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