Wastewater Management

SMU's Policy for preventing discharge of hazardous materials and chemical waste to the sanitary sewer and storm drain system must be strictly followed. It is important to understand the difference between the campus sanitary sewer system and storm drain system. The campus sanitary sewer system consists of sink and floor drains, usually located inside buildings, which drain to the sanitary sewer system. The effluent from the sanitary sewer system is treated at the City of Dallas Treatment plant. Most drains located outside of buildings, including drains located in loading docks and outside storage areas, are connected to the storm drain system that drains directly to creeks and eventually to Trinity River. Storm water is not treated prior to discharge. Federal, State and City laws regulate discharges both to the sanitary sewer system and storm drain system. SMU is committed to the protection of the environment through strict compliance with these laws and regulations.

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