Construction Projects


Construction Zone - Parking and Traffic Restrictions

As construction work continues on the former Mrs. Baird’s site at Mockingbird Lane and Central Expressway, SMU has reminded its contractors that workers at the site must refrain from parking within the Highland Park neighborhood and from utilizing the Highland Park neighborhood as a thoroughfare.

For parking, the workers have been directed to off-campus supplemental parking areas. For traffic, the workers have been directed to only utilize Mockingbird Lane and Central Expressway.

The contractors have pledged to enforce a “zero tolerance” policy for their employees and for those of any subcontractors working at the site. Violators of the parking policy will be removed from the project.

Contractor representatives, along with SMU personnel, will monitor the area as part of their routine in support of this parking and traffic policy.


Please observe warning and directional signs when driving or walking near construction areas. Additional announcements of street and sidewalk closings by the University will be made as required.

Moody Coliseum and Miller Event Center

Construction of the Miller Event Center and the renovation of the interior of Moody Coliseum is complete.  The expanded and renovated Moody Coliseum includes expanded concourses, new concession stands, new bowl seating, the addition of 10 suites, a Hall of Fame Club, new mechanical equipment, new scoreboard, and new administrative offices.  Moody Coliseum reopened December 2013. [More...]

Tennis Complex

To ensure the future success of SMU's historic tennis program, construction began fall 2013 on a new Tennis Complex.  The new Tennis Complex is envisioned as a preeminent, top-tier facility to be located prominently on the south side of Mockingbird Lane at the corner of North Central Expressway on the former site of Mrs. Baird's Bakery.  The new Tennis Complex will provide both intercollegiate indoor and outdoor courts for year-round on-campus training and competition.  The club area will optimize comfort and enhance the viewing experience.  The new Tennis Complex is expected to be completed fall 2014. 

Harold Clark Simmons Hall

Through the generous donation of Harold and Annette Simmons, SMU is currently designing the new Harold Clark Simmons Hall.  This 40,000 square foot facility will house a teaching design lab as well as several academic spaces.  The construction of this new education facility is expected to begin fall 2014 with completion expected fall 2015.

Mustang Band Hall

Demolition and construction on the Mustang Band Hall began spring 2013. Final completion for the entire project was achieved August 2014. The Mustang Band Hall replaced the previous band hall located in the lower level of Joe Perkins Natatorium. The new Mustang Band Hall was constructed in the unfinished south basement area of the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports building. In addition to finishing-out this existing basement area, the Dedman Center was expanded to create a separate dedicated entrance for the Mustang Band Hall as well as a new plaza for outdoor events. The Mustang Band Hall features a main rehearsal room, a percussion rehearsal room, three smaller breakout rehearsal rooms, offices, and an archive library. A special feature of the Mustang Band Hall is the Hall of Honor, which will feature the relocated historic band hall entrance doors and band hall memorabilia. The new Mustang Band Hall created a better organized and much larger home for the Mustang Band. [More...]

Residential Commons Complex

SMU has embarked on the construction of a new Freshman and Sophomore housing complex on our Dallas campus. The new housing follows the Residential Commons model and is designed to reflect the Collegiate Georgian style of architecture that distinguishes SMU. The project consists of the five (5) new Residential Commons buildings (Armstrong Commons, Crum Commons, Kathy Crow Commons, Loyd Commons, and Ware Commons) which will add 1,250 beds to SMU's housing inventory, the new Anita and Truman Arnold Dining Commons to serve the entire SMU community, and the new 800 space Mustang Parking Center.  Construction began January 2012.  Substantial Completion was achieved May 2014.  The Residential Commons Complex opened with full occupancy for the Fall 2014 Semester. [More...]

Residential Commons Conversions

The 2013 Residential Conversions included Virginia-Snider Hall, Boaz Hall, and Mary Hay Hall. This was the first phase of conversion of existing residence halls to the campus-wide concept of the Residential Commons model. Construction completed summer 2013 between graduation and in time for student occupancy prior to the beginning of the Fall 2013 Semester.

The 2014 Residential Conversions included Morrison-McGinnis Hall, Cockrell-McIntosh Hall, and McElvaney Hall. This was the second phase of conversion of existing residence halls to the campus-wide concept of the Residential Commons model. Construction completed summer 2014 between graduation and in time for student occupancy prior to the beginning of the Fall 2014 Semester.

Perkins-Smith Commons

SMU is scheduled to renovate S.B. Perkins Hall and A. Frank Smith Hall to create Perkins-Smith Commons.  S.B. Perkins Hall and A. Frank Smith Hall will undergo a complete internal renovation.  To achieve the Commons model, a new building addition will be constructed between S.B. Perkins Hall and A. Frank Smith Hall.  This new building addition will connect the two residence halls and create one residential community.  Included with the scope of work are site and landscape improvements along with the creation of a new community courtyard.  This project is in early design.  The expected start date for demolition and construction is May 2015.  This project is scheduled to be complete for the Fall 2016 Semester.

Southeast Pedestrian Mall

Commencing spring 2014, SMU began the renovation of the Southeast Pedestrian Mall.  The project will extend south from Doak Walker Plaza to Mockingbird Lane.  This extension of the Mustang Mall will provide for a more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare for the SMU Campus.  This project is scheduled to be complete by fall 2014 to coincide with the opening of the new Residential Commons Complex.  [More...]

RFoC at Umphrey Lee Center

The RFoC at Umphrey Lee Center has undergone renovations to enhance the dining experience.  Improvements included flooring replacement, new finishes, and updating and/or replacement of furniture.  This project commenced May 2014.  Substantial Completion was achieved August 2014.

Mac's Place at McElvaney Hall

Currently, Mac's Place is a dining facility inside McElvaney Hall.  The entry is inside the building.  The loading dock is on the east side of the building.  The new Mac's Place will serve as a "grab-n-go" eatery with outdoor seating on a new raised patio.  With the development of the South Pedestrian Mall, the entry to the renovated Mac's Place will front the east side of the building.  This component of the ongoing and dynamic evolution of on-campus dining commenced March 2014.  Substantial Completion was achieved August 2014. 

SMU-in-Taos Chapel

The new Chapel is constructed between the Dining Hall and the Auditorium. The design of the chapel conforms with the culture and surrounding architecture while maintaining SMU-in-Taos campus standards. One of the key features is a low wall with gates along the pathway from the Dining Hall to the Auditorium. Other key elements include seating fifty, operable windows, elegant locally constructed wood doors, and a bell tower with a cross. Construction commenced March 2014.  Substantial Completion was achieved June 2014.

Fondren Library Center

A great library is an essential part of a great university and SMU has unveiled a new initiative to modernize the Fondren Library Center, updating the facility in line with a new model of libraries as centers of interactive technology and vital campus gathering places. The planned renovations and upgrades will constitute a much-needed alteration of the library’s interior spaces through thoughtful design, creating an environment conducive to study, research and intellectual exploration. Enhancements include optimization of user spaces, the addition of new public programming capabilities and technology upgrades that serve as a catalyst for learning. [More...]

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University Park construction projects sometimes affect traffic patterns near the campus and updates on those projects are available from the city's website.

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