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TIMEaccess: Bi-Weekly Supervisor Online Training

Before your begin:

The TIMEaccess training tutorial contains audio recordings on several screens. It is important that you read all the text on the frame as well as listen to the included audio clips so that you do not miss any important information. Simply read the text on each frame and complete the requested action.

Upon starting the online course, expand the Bi-Weekly Time Supervisors course book and select the first lesson. Next, click Try IT! at the top of the screen. The Try It! mode will allow you to proceed through the lesson. In addition, you can select Print IT! to print step-by-step instructions for an individual lesson. lessons TryIT!

We've also included the complete Bi-Weekly Supervisor's Training Guide for your reference.

How do I get security to become a Bi-Weekly Time Supervisor?

Your supervisor will need to contact the Help Desk by clicking the Get Help button below. On the left side of the screen, click on TIMEaccess and select Bi-Weekly Supervisor Request. They will need to be sure to fill out all the required fields.

 Get IT Help

Begin the training now:

Bi-Weekly Time Supervisor Training (Note: Pop-up blockers must be turned off to access this course.)