OIT Technology News: March 2014

OIT Technology News: March 2014

Residence Hall Wireless: A Few Additional Changes


In early January, we completed the wireless overhaul of all the Residence Halls. We conducted a short survey to determine if all of the issues had been resolved. The results were definitely positive although there were still a few comments about the wireless connection dropping occasionally. We investigated further and have now implemented a few additional configuration changes. Based on our observation of the network traffic, the performance of PerunaNet has improved. All residents should now have a stable, strong and reliable connection to the wireless network! If you are having difficulty with any of your devices, please contact the IT Help Desk at 214-768-4357 or help@smu.edu.




SurveyECAR Survey Underway

Faculty and Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to participate in the annual ECAR survey during the months of March and April. The survey, compiled and hosted by Educause, collects information from more than 250 universities about technology experiences and expectations. Undergraduates participated in this survey last year.  This is the first year, faculty will be surveyed as well.

This survey has been conducted by Educause since 2004. The findings are distilled into four broad themes to help educators and higher education institutions better understand how students experience technology on their respective campuses and the ways in which new, better, or more technology can impact students’ relationship with information technology. You can view the results from the 2013 student study at the following web address: http://www.educause.edu/library/resources/ecar-study-undergraduate-students-and-information-technology-2013.

Participation in the survey is optional.  However, we encourage you to participate.  The results are very beneficial in guiding our technology decisions and services.

SMU Campus Directory Available At

A new online directory has been published to the SMU website. This directory provides contact information about SMU Faculty, Staff and Students for individuals outside and inside the Campus Community. This information will be updated automatically based on the information in Access.SMU.

What information is displayed?
  • First and Last Name
  • Campus Email Address
  • Affiliation (Faculty, Staff, Student) Student Example:

Who can access this information?

The directory will be visible to the public and accessed from the SMU Website.

Is there any protection in place for the information?
  • Yes, several safeguards were implemented to protect the information from spammers or outside vendors from simply harvesting emails.
  • In order to use the search, you must enter one letter of the first name and a complete last name before any data is displayed.
  • The search results will be limited to 10 matches preventing random searches on common names.

Can I opt out of the Online Directory completely?
Yes. However, this has some additional implications.
  • Your information will not be included in the public online directory.
  • Your name and email will not be available from the address list in Webmail or Outlook.
  • If someone tries to invite you to a meeting via Outlook or Webmail, they will need to enter your email address rather than your name.
  • If you try to configure Outlook or other mail clients, you may have difficulty successfully connecting to the mailbox.
If you wish to opt out, please do the following:
1. Login to Access.SMU
2. Navigate to Student Center--Student Self Service-- Personal Information-- Directory Restriction
3. Select the appropriate directory restriction and click Save
*Please note: if you are also an employee, an email will be sent to your supervisor notifying them that you have requested to be hidden in the Address Book.

Will it show multiple affiliations?

No, if you have multiple affiliations with the University, it will only show your primary affiliation in the directory.

For more information, please visit SMU.edu/OIT/Services/OnlineDirectory