OIT Technology News: January 2014


Apple for Newbies

45 min. Webinar

For those of you who have always wanted to use a Mac, but haven’t been sure where to start, look no further! This webinar is specifically designed to get you up and running on the Mac. We’ll start with the basic menus, the mouse, and few things that make Mac unique from a PC environment.

Introduction to Excel 2013

1 hr. Webinar

This webinar will introduce you to the very basics of Excel 2013. Topics include:

  1. Basic Workbook Management (creating and modifying workbook and worksheets)
  2. Data Entry Tips: Using Auto Fill and Flash Fill
  3. Excel Shortcuts
  4. Using the Format Painter
  5. Merging and unmerging cells
  6. Freezing Panes

Mastering Basic Formulas & Functions

90 min. Hands-on
(1 hr Webinar: March 25)

This foundational course will introduce you to the basics of building formulas in Excel 2013. This session will explore how to name groups of data, create basic formulas using built-in functions and arithmetic operators; using the basic functions SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX and MIN and finding and correcting errors in calculations.

Using Advanced Formulas

90 min. Hands-on

This course will focus on building more advanced formulas to help analyze and summarize your data. We’ll cover the basics of working with formulas, absolute and relative references, compound formulas and more. The following functions will be covered: Vlookup and Hlookup, COUNTIF, SUMIF and AVERAGEIF, IF, AND, NOT and OR statements, Date and time functions, and several text functions. This is an intermediate level course so attendees should be comfortable working in Excel.

Adobe Creative Tools

50 min. Webinar

Ever wondered what all those Adobe programs do? Or, why use one instead of another? Adobe Creative Cloud comes with a host of Creative tools. We will briefly introduce you to over 15 different programs, and then focus on four of the most common: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat.

Creating Images and Icons

50 min. Webinar

Ever spent time searching for an illustration and wished you could create your own? Learn simple ways to make graphics using InDesign’s drawing tools. These skills can also be used in other Creative Suite programs.

Workshop Schedule

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2/6 12 pm Intro to Excel 2013 (webinar) Register
2/25 12 pm  Apple for Newbies (webinar) Register
3/4 9:30 am  Excel: Basic Formulas  Register
3/25 11 am  Excel: Basic Formulas (webinar) Register
3/27 3:30 pm Adobe Creative Tools (webinar)  Register
4/2  1 pm  Excel: Basic Formulas  Register
4/15 1 pm  Excel: Advanced Formulas FULL Register
4/22 3 pm Creating Images & Icons (webinar) Register
4/23  1 pm  Excel: Advanced Formulas  Register
5/2  10:30 am  Excel: Advanced Formulas  Register