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Office of Information Technology

OIT understands that technology is vital to your teaching, research and daily work. We are committed to providing the latest information on all security threats, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to our services and new services being offered. We try to limit the number of bulk emails sent to the campus. Therefore, some of these communication mediums are available online for those interested.

Regular communications:

IT Blogs

Bulk Emails

When necessary, emails will be sent to the entire campus. These emails will come from SMU IT Communications.

Project Page

OIT is making a concerted effort to improve internal processes to better manage the IT projects and operational requirements.  Our project page outlines our portfolio management process. It also highlights many of the projects that will impact the campus community. Click here to access the project page. 


A series of events will be scheduled offering faculty, staff and students the opportunity to learn more about OIT services as well as collaborate with other departments on using these services to enhance your teaching, learning or business processes. Events will be communicated on the website, via newsletters and emails.

The IT Website

The website contains a wealth of information that is updated regularly including information on all of our services, training and information about our organization.

Progress Report