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IT Support Services

There are several teams dedicated to providing technical support and on site assistance for the SMU community. If you need assistance from any of our teams, don't hesitate to contact the IT Help Desk! We look forward to serving you.

About IT Help Desk

The Office of Information Technology provides a number of resources to help answer your technology questions and provide guidance when seeking a technology solution.

Location: The Help Desk is located in Fondren Library West.

Semester Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm

*Semester Hours begin the first day of class and end on the last day of exams

Summer Hours: 8:00 am- 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM-6:00pm Friday, 12:00-6:00pm Saturday and Sunday

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The Help Desk provides support to the entire campus community. In addition to supporting current faculty, staff and students, the Help Desk provides limited assistance to retirees, parents and prospective students. The Help Desk consists of five full time employees. All of the Help Desk staff are HDI certified and are committed to providing exceptional service.

The Help Desk is available to answer questions regarding any of the services that IT provides and any of the software applications that we support. They are able to assist with network configurations, software troubleshooting and training, email support and configuration, and more. The Help Desk staff uses remote tools as well as a shared knowledge base to help provide resolutions to reported issues as quickly as possible. All requests for assistance are documented in the Help Desk software. If the Help Desk is unable to resolve the issue, the ticket will be routed to the appropriate IT technician for resolution. The Help Desk makes every effort to respond to each request the same day it is received.

Service Level Agreements

In order to ensure that your requests for assistance are handled in a timely manner, service level agreements have been configured in the help desk software. Each help request is assigned a priority based on the severity of the request. The "clock" starts running the minute the request is opened. As each threshold is exceeded, additional notifications are sent to the assignee to ensure that each help request is resolved appropriately. The default SLA and thresholds appear below (business hours are calculated as 8-5 Monday through Friday).

  • Emergency: 4 hour target turn around
  • High: 9 hour turn around
  • Medium: 24 hour target turnaround
  • Low: 1 week target turnaround time

The Help Desk Staff includes

  • Rachel Mulry: HDI Certified Manager, ITIL Foundations, PMP, MOS Sharepoint 2010, MOS Word 2010 Expert, MOS Excel Expert , MOS Powerpoint 2010 
  • Gina Conklin: HDI Certified Analyst, Apple Support Center Certified 
  • Janet Asberry: HDI Certified Analyst, Apple Support Center Certified, MOS Outlook
  • Zach Peterson: HDI Certified Analyst
  • Lauren Nelson: HDI Certified Analyst
  • Amber Clark: HDI Certified Analyst

Classroom Support

SMU Classrooms are equipped with a wide range of technology resources to assist in teaching. Most classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors and audio capabilities. Additional equipment such as classroom response systems, VCRs, etc are available by request.

  • Emergency support as well as training is available whenever classes are in session.
  • If classroom help is needed, please call 8-8888 and a technician will be dispatched immediately.
  • Support is also available for campus events that utilize the classrooms. Please make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that coverage is available for your event. Contact the Help Desk (8-4357) to request assistance.
  • For training or to report problems with the equipment, please submit a request via the Online Support Center.
  • Available equipment and instructions are listed by room on the Classroom List page.

The Classroom Support Team

The Classroom Support team is lead by Abby Kinney. This team supports various types of computers and AV equipment in classrooms throughout campus. When assistance is needed in a classroom, the Help Desk contacts classroom support by radio and the nearest technician is dispatched to resolve the call. The Classroom Support team regularly maintains and monitors the equipment in the classrooms to ensure the equipment is in working order for the faculty.

Classroom Support Staff

  • Ed Aceves, Computer and A/V Consultant
  • James Horne, Computer Technican, A/V consultant
  • Adam Jones, Technician/Programmer

The Classroom Support staff is located in 103 A on the 1st floor of Fondren Library West.

About Statistical Consulting

Providing Advanced Assistance with Statistical and Research Software and Projects
Statistical consulting is provided to faculty, staff and graduate students by request. Advising on modeling directions, analyzing data, creating presentation quality graphical dsiplays and assistance in documenting the results are provided. In addition, Statistical consulting is available for the following:

  • Faculty grant proposals with a research design component
  • Staff projects requiring data analysis or gathering
  • Graduate Students needing guidance for the statistical analysis portion of their dissertation
    SMU licenses many research software applications for use by portions of the SMU Community. These applications include the following: SAS, SPSS, SPLUS, R, Stata, HLM,Eviews, Mathematica, MatLab, Maple, GAMS, NAG, ArcView, Xwin-32, and Putty. To request licensing information or software installation, please contact the IT Help Desk

Workshop Descriptions

All registrations for these courses are managed by Academic Technology.

SAS I: Introduction to SAS

  • Navigate in the SAS Windowing environment.
  • Import, store, and export  your data
  • Use the drop-down menus to perform some basic tasks (i.e. view stats, create graphs etc.)

SAS II: Principles of Programming

  • Working with data in SAS
  • Basic principles of SAS programming
  • Introduction to some popular procedures in the PROC step

SAS III: Intermediate Programming

  • Built-in models for regression and forecasting
  • Procedures (PROC steps) that are frequently used in academic research and business analysis: PROC TABULATE\FREQ\ANOVA\GLM\FCMP
  • ODS Option to control the format of your output (text and numbers, table definition, style definition, output destination)

MATLAB I: Introduction to MATLAB  

  • Introduction to MATLAB language
  • Navigate the MATLAB Desktop
  • Manage input/output and how to work with data (i.e. import, export data) in MATLAB.

MATLAB II: Basic Programming

  • Working with data in MATLAB
  • Basic principles of programming in MATLAB

MATLAB III: Intermediate Programming

  • Data Analysis:  Time series data modeling and forecasting
  • Function plotting techniques


  • SPSS Data Editor
  • Bringing data into SPSS
  • SPSS data file structure
  • Variable profiles
  • Generating an SPSS Codebook
  • Descriptive statistics


  • Working with multiple data sources
  • Transforming variables
  • Creating and editing charts
  • Explore
  • Crosstabs
  • QQPlots
  • Exporting output


  • Correlation
  • Custom tables
  • Linear regression
  • Split File
  • Filtering
  • Graphical displays
  • Aggregating

Statistical Consulting & Assistance

Consulting is provided by Shirlene Pearson, PhD. All services are free of charge. To request assistance on a project, please contact:

N. Shirlene Pearson, PhD
Statistical & Research Support
Fondren Library West, Room 101AB
Curriculum Vita

Desktop Database Support

IT offers support and consulting services for desktop database applications including FileMaker and Microsoft Access. Our Desktop Database Analyst, Gary Torborg, is available to assist faculty and staff with creating, troubleshooting and securing databases used for departmental functions. He is very knowledgeable in both applications and can assist in determining the right solution and configuration for a departmental database. Please submit a request for assistance via the Online Support Center.

  • Free consulting service is available to all faculty and staff
  • Each project is assessed based on complexity to determine the appropriate level of consulting required
  • Training classes are offered by Gary Torborg on both Filemaker and Microsoft Access


About SMU STAR Program

Most of our digital and online media support is provided through the SMU STAR Program. This program uses trained students to assist faculty and staff to develop CD-ROMs, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and many other types of computer-based instructional material. For over ten years the SMU STAR Program has helped faculty on hundreds of projects. You can request a help with a project by going to

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact us for help with:

  • Developing course-related Web pages
  • Digitizing slides and graphics for a course
  • Converting audio and video recordings for use on the Web or as podcasts.
  • Helping a faculty member use Facebook.
  • Converting old materials to new formats.
  • And much, much more...

You can see examples of faculty projects on the STARS Project Wiki.

Ian Aberle provides multimedia support and management of the STAR program. Please submit requests for assistance with various multimedia projects through the Online Support Center.