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Wireless Networking

About SMU Wireless

There are two primary wireless networks on campus: PerunaNet and SMU_Guest. These wireless networks are centrally managed by OIT.


PerunaNet is the secured wireless network available only to SMU faculty, staff and students with an active SMU ID and password.

  • In order to connect to PerunaNet, your device must be configured properly. Even if the device detects PerunaNet, it may not connect automatically without changes to the default configuration.
  • PerunaNet is available throughout campus and is the secured wireless network. This is the recommended network for all mobile devices on campus.
  • PerunaNet connections have access to a wide range of resources restricted to SMU. 
  • Mobile devices may connect to PerunaNet provided they are configured with the appropriate security type.


SMU1911 is the open guest wireless networks available primarily in the SMU Libraries. 

SMU Wireless

  • SMU1911 does not require special configuration. However, you will need to enter an email address via the registration portal before a network connection is established. Any web browser will automatically be redirected to this registration page upon the initial connection.
  • SMU1911 is not a secured wireless network. Therefore it is not recommended for regular usage by the SMU Community. 
  • SMU1911 connections are restricted primarily to web traffic only. Some email configurations may not work while connected to this network.
  • SMU1911 is scheduled to be decommissioned on December 22 2014.


SMU_Guest offers both long term accounts as well as short term, self-provisioned accounts.

  • This network is currently broadcasted in all buildings on main campus (except in the Cox School) and at SMU in Plano.  It is not available at this time on east campus.
  • Devices can connect automatically to the SMU_Guest network. They will be redirected to a portal page where they can either login with the appropriate credentials or create an accout using their email address.  The password is then sent by the system to the email address.  The customer can then authenticate to the wireless network using that information. A self provisioned account is valid for 24 hours.
  • Individuals with an SMU ID and password can not authenticate to this network using those credentials.  We strongly encourage anyone with SMU Credentials to connect to PerunaNet.
  • For individuals needing to connect for longer than 24 hours, a sponsored wireless account can be created by the Help Desk.  Once authenticated, the device should remain authorized on the network until the account expiration date is reached.
  • This network is also being used for devices that can not support the PerunaNet security configuration. These devices include Smart TVs, kindles and more.

Other Managed Wireless Networks

Dedmanlaw is the wireless network available only in the SMU Law School. The configuration of this network is the same as PerunaNet with the exception of the SSID.

AdobeNet is the wireless network available only on the SMU in Taos campus.

MobiSMU2 is closed wireless network for dedicated devices. Not for general use by the SMU Community or the public.