Residence Hall Networking

Wired Network Connections

High speed wired connections are available in all of the rooms and study rooms. Computers or devices must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically. Hubs, switches and routers are NOT permitted. Any device that extends the topology of the network will be disabled. Please maintain one connection per jack. In order to use the wired network, you must have an ethernet card installed in your computer and an ethernet cable.

Wireless Network Connections

PerunaNet is available in all of the residence halls, fraternity houses and a few sorority houses. SMU1911 is not available in any of the residences.

Printers:  Printers can not be joined to PerunaNet as that would allow everyone to print to your printer! Please use a printer cable.

Registration Process

Before your computer or other device will connect to the network, it must first register and pass a series of security checks. Simply plug in your computer to the wired network and launch a web browser. The registration page will appear automatically. Enter your SMU ID and password and click Submit.

The registration process is designed to ensure that your computer is safe for the network. The following criteria must be met before network access is granted:

Windows computers:

  • Valid anti virus application with the latest definitions
  • Valid anti spyware application with the latest definitions
  • Windows automatic updates configured

Mac computers:

  • Mac OS 10.2 or above.

If your computer fails to pass the registration, a window will appear indicated which scans were unsuccessful. Typically, you will be able to remediate the issue while still in the residence hall. However, assistance is provided by the OIT Help Desk for installing, configuring and updating the anti virus and anti spyware software required to pass registration.

Gaming Devices

Gaming devices, TiVo, iTouch and other network enabled devices must also register in order to obtain a network connection. Since several of these devices do not typically offer a web browser to complete the registration, you must register these online.  Many gaming devices can be configured for Wireless connections. They must support WPA Enterprise security and offer 802.1x authentication.

If you device must connect wireless but does not support the 802.1x configuration, please contact the help desk for assistance.

In order to register your device you will need to do the following:

*It is important these steps are followed in order to maintain a good connection with our network.

  • Obtain the device's MAC address
  • Register the MAC address (click here)
  • Power off the device for several minutes
  • Create a New Connection

For detailed instructions for your particular device, click here.

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