Student Email Migration to Office 365

Beginning in July 2014, all student email accounts will be migrated to Office 365.  In addition to email service, students will also be licensed for the following:

  • Office WebApps
  • OneDrive (25 GB of storage)
  • Office ProPlus:  Full office suite for Mac, Windows or Mobile devices free of charge
  • Email for the life of the service (beyond graduation)

Current Status

The project team is conducting extensive testing of the various components of the migration process.  Once this is finalized, a detailed migration plan will be outlined.  More information about the process will be posted.  However, the following is a rough outline of the project:

  • Current phase: Testing and Scheduling
  • Notification to campus of scheduling details (June)
  • Migrations begin (July), Pro Plus available to students

Reason for the migration

Moving student email to Office 365 provides enhanced services as mentioned above with no loss of functionality.

Will Employee email be moved?

Employee email service will continue to be offered on premises rather than moving to Office 365.  Faculty and staff will enjoy the benefits of increased mailbox quotas once the student mail migration is completed.

What are the tools that will be available to students?

Office Online:  These are the browser based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and One Note.  They allow you to view and edit files on any device within a web browser. 

One Drive: This is an online file storage and sharing solution that is tightly integrated with the Office 2013 suite. You can easily save files to your OneDrive and then share them as needed wherever you may be!

Office365 Email:  You'll enjoy all the same features you do today with SMU Email and probably won't notice a difference once your mailbox is moved. However, your storage quota will increase from 1GB to 50GB!  So no more worrying about managing your mailbox space.

Office ProPlus: This component of our license allows students to download the full Office 2013 suite on their various devices.  You can install the software on 5 different devices!  When you complete the installation, it requires you to login with your SMU account used for Office 365 access.  This license is valid as long as you are an enrolled student at SMU.  Once you are no longer enrolled in courses, you will have a grace period of around 60 days to purchase an individual license for the software.  If you do not purchase the license, all of your files are still there.  However, the applications go into "read only" mode.  Therefore, you can view files but can not make any changes to them.

What can I expect during the migration?

We will provide a wealth of information regarding the migration once we have completed our testing!  We will do all that we can to make sure this is a smooth and successful process.  Your SMU Email address will not be changed.  Check back during the month of June for more information!

I'm graduating. Can I keep my account?

Yes! We will no longer remove the SMU Email service one year after your graduation.  You will instead, be able to use that account for as long as our student email service is on Office 365.  This email service will be available for students who graduate from SMU after May 2013 only.