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About Our Process

In addition to providing day to day operation and support of IT services, the OIT staff are also engaged in a number of projects to support the University and various business units.

Project requests are received on a daily basis. Each request is entered into our internal database. Each project is then reviewed by the appropriate level of management and scheduled based on resource availability and priority. Once a project has been scheduled, a project manager is assigned from within OIT. This project manager is responsible for coordinating, communicating, and reporting project status with the project sponsor.

Requesting assistance for departmental projects

Due to the number of projects in the queue, we strongly encourage departments to contact OIT as early as possible when a technology project or initiative has been determined. Ample time is needed to review the project, allocate resources, and determine the schedule. Project requests can be made to the appropriate OIT director or by contacting Rachel Mulry directly.

Project Process

 project process

After a project request has been submitted, the appropriate director evaluates the request and assigns it to a portfolio. There are three main Portfolio categories that are used: Director, Review Board and CIO.

Director: Those items assigned to the Director portfolio are scheduled at the discretion of the individual director with coordination with other IT departments involved.

Review Board: The requests assigned to the Review Board portfolio, are discussed by the entire OIT executive team and evaluated based on a number of criteria.

CIO: Finally, the items marked for CIO are reviewed by the OIT executive team as well as other external groups.

Projects within their respective portfolio are prioritized and evaluated based on a number of criteria. Once the project has been approved for scheduling, the Project Lead is assigned. The Project Lead then secures the required resources for the project, builds the project plan, and begins the project work.