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Simmons 218

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  • PC Power on
  • Projector Power on

  • Volume Control

  • Polycom Conference devices location

  • Power on Polycom Device

  • Polycom conference start

  • Polycom poweron/off

  • Projector shutdown

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PC Power Location  

Power on podium computer:

PC login screen  
Login using your SMU ID and Password           
Normal startup screen  
  1. Touch anywhere on the AMX touch screen panel (again). If the panel is already active, skip to the next step.



  2.   The projector screen lowers.


3. Wait 2-3 minutes for  projector to display image on screen.



Project Power on

Pc display

  1. Touch the PC or LAPTOP icon located along the left side of the AMX touch screen panel.
  2. Warm up of projector takes about 3 minutes
 Switch devices  


Turn the switch located on the AB-Switch to “A. Main Computer.” The AB-Switch is located on top of the podium computer inside of the cabinet.


 Volume Control  

Make sure that the podium computer’s volume is on and not muted.


Adjust volume by  pressing up or down arrow on touch screen.


Alternatively, volume can be adjusted by twisting the MASTER knob  located on AMX Volume Control box located inside of the podium cabinet.           
Laptop Connection  



Power PC Location  
Polycom Conference devices location.  


Locations of devices needed for video conference.

1)      Camera

2)      Polycom device

3)      Microphone


POLYCOM Conference start  
Power on Polycom device.  
Normal blue screen.  
Normal Polycom screen display.  
Call location selection  
 Select call location           
 Start/End Call  
Projector Shutdown  
Press shutdown to Power off projector only.           
Confirm Shutdown  
Click yes to shutdown Projector Only.           
Shutdown process  

Shutdown Process

usually takes about 3 minutes.