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Staff Search Procedures and Guidelines

SMU HR Resources

Initiating a Search

A Recruitment Request Form must be completed and approved in order to initiate a search for a new, replacement, or reevaluated position. If a new position is being created or an existing position needs to be reevaluated, a Job Evaluation Form should be completed, signed by dean, department head, and financial officer. The form is forwarded to the Department of Human Resources for job classification.

(1) All newly created positions must be evaluated by the Department of Human Resources for assignment of a job title, job code, and pay grade and intended starting salary.

(2) All replacement position criteria will be reviewed and evaluated by the Department of Human Resources  to assure appropriateness to job title, job code, pay grade and starting salary every three years.

(3)  All positions will be reviewed and evaluated in accordance with current Affirmative Action Plan to identify if area is underutilized in women and minorities.

Recruitment Request Form (interactive pdf document)

Compensation & Classification Information
Job Evaluation Form
Job Evaluation Guidelines
Position Justification Form for New Positions or Promotions
Position Justification Form for Replacements