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Annual Performance Review Instructions for Dedman College

SMU HR Resources

Annual Performance Review Instructions for Dedman College

Effective managers provide their staff members with information about performance on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  The annual review simply provides a focused opportunity to recognize achievements and identify any performance gaps that require attention, look ahead to set mutual goals for the coming year, and determine any special resources needed to achieve those goals. The Dedman College review form is intended to facilitate a conversation between the staff member and supervisor about these issues. 

Note: This review process outlined below is for regular staff members. Reviews for Post-Doctoral Fellows follow a slightly different process and use a different form.


We realize that some departments expect the staff member to start the review process with a self-evaluation, which is then discussed with the supervisor. Other departments want the supervisor to prepare the initial comments, which are then reviewed with the staff member. Some departments prefer that the supervisor and staff member each complete evaluations and then discuss those comments together. The Dedman College form is designed to facilitate any of these approaches.

  1. Depending on the Department's procedure, the supervisor either completes the evaluation and sets an appointment with the staff member to discuss the review, or sets an appointment date by which time the staff member completes the "employee" sections of the form.

  1. Supervisor and employee meet to discuss the performance evaluation and set appropriate goals for the coming year. Identify any training and development opportunities, if needed, to meet these goals. The discussion will be more fruitful if both the supervisor and staff member have each identified potential goals prior to this meeting. Section 3, "The Year Ahead," may be completed after this discussion.

  1. If the staff member wishes to add additional comments after the meeting, he or she should be given additional time to do so.

  1. Both supervisor and staff member need to sign the evaluation form.

  1. The signed originals are to be sent to the Dean’s Office. The supervisor should make a copy for the employee and the department files. The Dean’s Office will forward the reviews to the Office of Human Resources.Completing the Staff Review Form