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SMU's Annual Performance Review - Staff Member's Tutorial


Welcome to the SMU Annual Performance Review Tutorial for Staff Members. The tutorial is broken down into topics that support you through the review process. Each topic area stands alone, so staff members who are familiar with the process may wish to visit only specific topics in the tutorial as needed. If you are a new staff member, we suggest you use the links to the right or click the blue "NEXT" arrow at the bottom of each page to navigate through the tutorial. 

Philosophy and Foundations
Learn about the following areas: why a well-done performance review is beneficial, the performance management cycle, and the Expectations or core competencies the University measures in its annual performance review process.

Prepare for the Review Meeting
In this section, you'll learn about how to complete the Expectations form from your perspective. Included are behavioral examples of the Expectations, defintions of the rating levels, and what steps you should follow to complete the review process.

Manager Options
Learn about the options managers have to customize the review form to better meet your organization's needs. Options include adding a historical perspective by using the Job form or adding an Expectation. 

The Review Meeting
Make this conversation great and it can help plan for a successful year ahead. Key concepts include listening to your manager's perspective, providing your own perspective, and collaborating to establish developmental goals.

Check the deadline for submitting annual reviews.

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Staff Member's 
Visit this page to download the appropriate Expectations form for your school, division, or area.

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