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SMU's Annual Performance Review - Manager's Tutorial

SMU HR Resources

SMU's Annual Performance Review - Manager's Tutorial

Prepare For the Review Meeting

1. Decide if you want to use The Job worksheet along with the general review form or if you want to add an Expectation that is specific to your organization. More information about The Job worksheet and adding Expectations will be provided later in this tutorial or you may click the Manager Options link to the right for additional information now.

2. Rate the staff member on the Expectations, citing specific examples. Click the appropriate link to the right for definitions of the ratings used on the form or for behavioral definitions of the Expectations.

3. Identify potential goals to be established with employee on the Plan. Remember, goals should be set in collaboration with the staff member. The future needs of the department along with the staff member's career goals should be considered together when establishing developmental goals.

4. Have the staff member complete the self review and schedule the review meeting. The staff member's review form will include an assessment of the past year's achievements and progress on goals in addition to a self-assessment of their performance using the Expectations. 

If the staff member has not completed the Staff Member Performance Review Tutorial, give him/her the website information and ask him/her to complete the tutorial in preparation for the review. If the employee has already completed the tutorial s/he can simply access the forms online.

As SMU staff members, we expect excellence from our colleagues and ourselves. By consistently working to achieve a higher level of each of the Expectations, we benefit ourselves as well as the whole of SMU. When we conduct a review, we are attempting to measure how we are doing on these eight Expectations. The definitions are written in behavioral terms, which include examples of the way an individual might demonstrate a particular Expectation. Click the appropriate link to the right for a list of the Expectations along with behavioral examples of the Expectations at work.