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SMU's Annual Performance Review - Manager's Tutorial

Manager Options

The SMU Performance Review Tool was designed with flexibility for the users. Remember, the primary purpose of the tool is to facilitate a productive, relationship-building conversation between you and your employees. With this in mind, you may wish to choose among the following options in utilizing the tool.

Adding Expectations

In your division, school, or department, you may emphasize a competency that is not adequately covered by the eight Expectations used in the Annual Review. Click the appropriate link to the right for information about adding an Expectation that is specific to your area.

The Job Worksheet

If desired, you may choose to identify the staff member's top responsibilities and provide feedback on his/her performance of those responsibilities. You have flexibility in using this worksheet and can follow any of these paths to provide an assessment on the individual's most significant responsibilities:

  • Using the Job worksheet, identify the individual's top job responsibilities yourself and provide them to your staff member before they complete their self-assessment. Ask them to review their performance on the responsibilities as well as the Expectations. Discuss during your review meeting. 

  • Ask your staff member to identify his/her top responsibilities and conduct a self-assessment on them using the Job worksheet. Ask him/her to provide the worksheet to you before your meeting so that you can also provide feedback on those responsibilities. Discuss during your review meeting.

  • Work with your staff member to identify the top responsibilities in his/her role and each of you asses the staff member's performance on those. Document them on the Job worksheet and discuss during your review meeting.

Click the appropriate link to the right to download a copy of The Job worksheet. 

Other Review Process Customization Needs

If you have other customization needs, please contact Human Resources, as quickly as possible to discuss your needs prior to conducting your reviews.