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SMU's Annual Performance Review - Manager's Tutorial

SMU HR Resources

SMU's Annual Performance Review - Manager's Tutorial

After the Review

After you've met with the employee and finalized the developmental goals, you're ready to finish the process by submitting your documentation.

Steps to Complete the Review Process

  • Both staff member and supervisor sign and date The Plan.
  • Forward the originals of The Expectations - Staff Member's Perspective, The Expectations - Supervisor's Perspectove, The Plan, and the Job form (if used) to the Department of Human Resources at Box 232.
  • Keep a copy of each for your files.
  • Give the employee copies of both The Expectations (both perspectives) and The Plan.
  • Review progress on The Plan periodically and revise as necessary or appropriate.

Regular Checkpoints and Revising the Plan

Although the performance review is designed as an annual process, it is essential that managers conduct check points throughout the year to provide ongoing feedback to employees regarding progress on the Plan. We suggest a minimum of quarterly meetings. In addition to providing feedback, managers and employees can discuss possible obstacles and make changes to the Plan when necessary. This is also an excellent time to get feedback from your employee on how well you are supporting their efforts.

You may decide the Plan needs revision at some point during the year. Perhaps the employee completes the goals or the needs of your department change and therefore your employee's developmental goals need to change as well. The Plan is a living document that may be updated and revised at any time. You need not forward an updated plan to Human Resources unless either you or the staff member wishes for the new document to be included in the personnel file. However, both you and the staff member should retain copies of the revised plan.