Health at SMU

Personal Challenges

Two 6-week personal challenges may be completed during each reward period. All personal challenges must be approved in advance by our new health coach, Paige Shouse, from Baylor Health Care System. Complete the Personal Challenge Form and then email to be put in touch with our health coach who will work with you on finalizing your challenge, approve the challenge, and provide support during the challenge if requested.

Personal Challenge Criteria:

  • Spring Personal Challenges must begin by May 13, 2014 and end by June 24, 2014.
  • Typically 6 weeks in length
  • Requires consultation with health coach to set up challenge plan (via onsite, email or telephone)
  • Follow up with health coach at least one time to assess goals and measure progress
  • Must make progress on at least 1 goal by end of challenge

Our health coach will submit badges for personal challenges at the end of each month. Typically badges will post the Wellpower website during the first week of the following month.