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Wellpower - Additional Challenges and Classes

In addition to earning badges by completing the daily activities and bonus activities in the Amazing Challenge, Wellpower will offer participants the ability to earn badges by completing the following additional challenges/classes. Once completed, Wellpower will add a badge to your participation summary. Badges for completing an additional challenge or class will typically be added at the beginning of month following completion.


Spring Reward Period Challenges

  • Personal Challenge
    Start no later than May 13, 2014 and complete by June 24, 2014. Two personal challenges per reward period are allowed.
  • Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge
    Participants may complete this challenge by working toward a healthy weight or maintaining their weight during a reward period. This challenge will require that participants submit their weight at the beginning and end of the reward period. Follow the appropriate link for additional details or to download a Weigh-In/Weigh-Out form.

  • Naturally Slim Class
    Participants who successfully complete the Naturally Slim class will earn a badge in the spring reward period. The participants for the spring 2014 class have already been selected. 

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