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Amazing Challenge Bonus Points

Complete bonus point activities each month and you'll earn points badges even faster. Check this page on the first of every month for updates on bonus point activities associated with our new destination. After you complete the bonus activity, be sure to log into Wellpower's Amazing Challenge and claim your credit for the bonus point(s) on the myProgress tab. 

Start Walking This Spring

  • Earn a bonus point for participating in National Start Walking Day by joining us on a noon-time walk, April 2, 2014!
  • Earn 2 bonus points for wearing a pedometer to monitor your steps for at least 5 days this month! Try to increase your steps everyday! The ultimate goal? At least 10k a day!
  • Earn 1 bonus point by parking further away from your destination (office, supermarket, mall, theater) on at least 5 occasions.
  • Earn 1 bonus point by bypassing the elevator in favor of the stairs at least 5 times this month.
  • Earn 1 bonus point for implementing a strategy to get more steps in at work. Examples: host a walking meeting, go to the restroom on another floor or on the opposite side of the building, or schedule a 5 minute walk break in the morning and afternoon.
  • Earn 1 bonus point for donating to or signing up to participate in the Relay For Life at SMU to be held on April 5, 2014.

Community Wellness Events

Complete any community wellness event including walking/running events, triathlons, swim meets, biking events etc...You may also attend any community-wide health fair type of event and claim the bonus point. Below are a few links to help you stay informed about wellness events in the DFW calendar. Got an event? Share it on our Facebook page!

Remember, you can earn an extra bonus point if you sign up for or donate to SMU's Relay For Life to be held on campus April 5, 2014. 

Tennis Shoes

 Community Calendars
 Upcoming Events

Dedman Center Activities

Dedman Center

Dedman Center

provides many options for staff/faculty including free Wellpower classes on the Group X schedule. Many classes are available before work, at lunchtime, or in the evening/weekend hours. Dedman Center membership is required to participate in these classes.

Group X Class Schedule

- Numerous classes through the day and it includes Wellpower classes that are free for staff/faculty. Look for the "star" on the schedule for the free classes.

SMU Performances, Exhibits, and Lectures

Earn 1 bonus point per month by attending any SMU performance, exhibit, lecture, or SMU events that have a cultural or educational purpose. Below are a variety of campus opportunities that fall under this category. Many other events are available on campus, so there's something to interest everyone!

Athletic Events

Attend any SMU athletic event and earn 1 bonus point for the month. Go Mustangs! SMU hosts a wide variety of athletic events, and staff/faculty often attend free or at a discounted rate.

All Sports Calendar


Wellness Seminars

You may earn bonus points in the Amazing Challenge every month for completing an approved seminar. Wellpower will offer several lunchtime seminars (classroom or webinar) during each reward period. In addition, Wellpower provides several online seminars you may watch at any time during the reward period. Once you've completed a seminar, log into Wellpower's Amazing Challenge and claim your credit for the bonus points on the myProgress tab.

Wellness Seminars - Webinar/classroom schedule and approved online seminars

Professional Development Activities

Earn 1 bonus point per month for completing any type of SMU-sponsored educational or professional development class. This includes credit-bearing courses, continuing education, and certificate programs. You may also include workshops offered internally by your division or school. Below are a few examples of classes that are available on campus.

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