Health at SMU

Healthy Outcomes

 A Voluntary Pilot Program

Administered by Catapult Health

SMU is excited to announce a voluntary pilot program - Healthy Outcomes. Faculty/staff enrolled in one of our four medical plans for 2014 are eligible to participate.

This pilot was created to reward healthy behavior by encouraging each of us to be accountable for our health. A healthy lifestyle is a great way to help lower the risk for conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, but it's no guarantee. Likewise, "feeling" good does not always mean everything is OK. For example, many people with high blood pressure feel fine and don't know they have it. Early detection and prevention of potential health problems is what this program is all about.

A key pillar of the program is an initial preventive health check-up provided by Catapult Health or your personal physician. The results of this check-up provide information on your current health status and will serve as your baseline for the pilot program. Depending on your baseline results, you will be asked to maintain areas of good health and improve health risk factors (those that are outside of normal range) during the Achievement Period.

By successfully completing three steps you can earn a $300 Healthy Outcomes Achievement Award:

  1. Baseline Check-Up: Complete a baseline preventive health check-up using Catapult Health or your personal physician. 
  2. Achievement Period: You will have until May 15th to achieve your health goals based on the results of your preventive health check-up:

    • If you have NO Metabolic Syndrome risk factors: Your goal will be to maintain your good health by keeping your lab values in the normal range and not letting your lab values fall outside of range prior to May 15th.

    • If you have 1 or more Metabolic Syndrome risk factors: Your goal will be to show improvement in each identified risk factor prior to May 15th. This doesn’t mean that you have to move your lab values to normal range, just that the values have to improve.

      • SMU provides a variety of resources to help you achieve your goals, or you may select a program of your choice and/or work directly with your personal physician.

        Healthy Outcomes Resource List

  3. Results Check-Up: Complete a second preventive health check-up in May 2014 using Catapult Health or your personal physician. If you use your personal physician, your physician will be required to send your Baseline & Results check-up records to Catapult so they can determine if you qualify for the $300 Healthy Outcomes Achievement Award.

What Are Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors?

Catapult Health’s preventive health check-up will help identify if the risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome are in the normal range or outside of the accepted ranges:

  • Blood pressure: Is yours 130/85 or higher?
  • HDL cholesterol: Is your level less than 40 mg/dl for men; less than 50 mg/dl for women?
  • Fasting blood glucose: Is your glucose level 100 mg/dl or higher?
  • Triglycerides: Is yours 150 mg/dl or higher?
  • Waist Circumference: Does yours measure 40” or more for men; 35” or more for women?

Guarding Your Privacy

If you volunteer to participate in the Healthy Outcomes program, your name will be released to SMU only if you qualify for the $300 cash incentive. SMU will not know if you volunteered for the program, but did not complete it successfully. 

Reasonable Alternative to Program

If you are currently or recently pregnant, please download the maternity exemption form and ask your doctor to complete it. Fax it to Catapult Health no later than November 25, 2013. If you qualify, you will earn the incentive without meeting the additional criteria of the program. 

Maternity Exemption Form

If you have a medical condition that would impede your ability to meet the program goals, Catapult and your physician can work with you to develop an alternative program. Email Catapult to request a medical condition form and instructions on developing an alternative program. 

How the Healthy Outcomes Achievement Award is Paid

Catapult Health will provide you with a Personal Health Report during your Baseline and Results check-ups. After your Results check-up, Catapult will confirm if you qualify for the $300 Achievement Award. If you qualify, SMU will add the amount (less federal income taxes) to your paycheck. The exact pay period will be determined shortly after the Achievement Period.