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 1042-S Forms  Payroll Help Desk  8-2073
 1099  Claudia Robles  8-2009
 Account Reconciliations  Lori Hollingsworth  8-3281
 Accounts Policies  Clint Gilchrist  8-4836
 Accounts Payables Questions  Windy Epperson
 Annual Financial Report  Millicent Grant
 Asset Management  Tamara Rogers
 Bank Deposits  Joy Smith
 Benefit Rates  Millicent Grant
 Bond Amortizations  Leslie Beckmann
 Bond Manager  Leslie Beckmann  8-2548
 Cash Fund Requests  Joy Smith
 Cash Management  Flora Auber
 Chart of Accounts  Vinh Pham
 Check Clearing Questions  Windy Epperson
 Check Requests  Windy Epperson  8-2801
 Closing Points  Clint Gilchrist
 Contractor Classification  Vickie Bumgardner
 Credit Card Uploads  Caroline Hughey
 Direct Deposit of A/P Payments  Windy Epperson
 Direct Deposit of Paychecks  Payroll Help Desk
 Employment Verification  HR Help Desk
 Endowment Fund  Office of the Treasurer
 Endowment Real Estates  Bill Nemeth
 Expressway Tower Management  Sue Freund
 Expressway Tower Space and Leasing  Bill Nemeth
 Federal Work Study Jobs  Mary Beard
 Financial Reporting  Keith Fowler
 Financial Systems Questions  Vinh Pham
 Financial Systems Training  Administrative Systems Training Team
 Foreign Persons - Payments  Mitzie Nolen
 General Accounting  Lori Hollingsworth
 General Ledger - Bank Accounts  Kathey Smith
 Grants  Judy Clark
 I-9 for New Hires  HR Help Desk
 ImageNow (Controller documents only)  Millicent Grant
 Interest Income Allocations  Keith Fowler
 Invoices  Windy Epperson
 Journal Entries  Caroline Hughey
 Journal Entry Uploads  Josh Ruiz
 Kronos  Payroll Help Desk
 Monthly Reports  Josh Ruiz
 Non-Bond Capital Acquisition Cost Amortizations  Keith Fowler
 Notes and Bond Debt  Leslie Beckmann
 Office Supplies and Equipment Purchases  Sarah Rincon
 Org Set Up  Caroline Hughey
 Paycheck Questions  Payroll Help Desk
 Petty Cash  Kathey Smith
 Procurement Card  Monica Corte
 Purchasing  Terrence Conner  8-4909
 Purchase Orders  Deborah Rozier  8-3852
 Real Estate  Bill Nemeth  8-1141
 Relocation / Moving Expenses  Claudia Robles  8-2009
 Sales and Use Tax  Ioana Lacatusu  8-2190
 Single Family Homes  Christie Haggard  8-2034
 Tax Policies  Ioana Lacatusu  8-2190
 Taxable Tuition Benefits  Vickie Bumgardner  8-1601
 Time Sheet Questions  Payroll Help Desk  8-2073
 TIMEaccess  Payroll Help Desk  8-2073
 Travel  Joy Smith  8-2112
 Tuition Benefits (Employees)  HR Help Desk  8-3311
 Vendor Questions  Shinette Hutchinson  8-7008
 Vendor Setup and Maintenance  Shinette Hutchinson  8-7008
 W-2 Forms  Payroll Help Desk  8-2073
 W-9 Requests  Ioana Lacatusu  8-2190
 Wire Transfers  Flora Auber  8-2010
 Work Authorization  HR Help Desk  8-3311
 Year-End Closing Calendar  Clint Gilchrist  8-4836