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Campus Parking Information

About Parking Permits

  • A current parking permit must be displayed at all times when on campus otherwise your vehicle is subject to citation.
  • SMU students can purchase parking permits online through My Parking Account.
  • Students click here for all current parking fees.
  • SMU employees can purchase parking permits at the Parking and ID Card Services Office. 
  • Temporary parking permits are available for visitors and guests at the Parking and ID Card Services Office during normal business hours.
  • Having purchased a permit does not imply that parking is allowed without displaying the permit.
  • Notes do not function as a permit and Parking Assistants will not recognize notes inside or affixed to a parking vehicle.

Ordering Parking Permits

  • To order a parking permit and register your vehicle, visit My Parking Account.
  • Print the order confirmation and display on the dashboard of your vehicle.  This serves as your temporary permit for up to 2 weeks from the order date.
  • The temporary permit is valid in the red All University Permit (AUP) areas indicated on the campus parking map.
  • Permit fees will be charged to your my.SMU.edu account.
  • Permit fees are based on the total number of credit hours of enrollment.
  • To receive your permit by mail, orders must be placed before the last week of July for a Fall permit and the last Friday of December before winter break for a Spring permit.  No P.O. Boxes, please.  All permit orders placed after the end of July will be available for pick up on or after August 1 in the Parking and ID Card Services Office.

Opt-out of a Parking Permit

  • All Campus residents living on campus not bringing a vehicle to campus will need to opt-out of a parking permit.
  • To "opt-out" of a parking permit, you need to log on to your parking account as though you're ordering a parking permit.
  • Select "Order Permit" when you get to the permit selection screen. You will need to select the "opt-out" of permit option at the bottom of the list.
  • You must agree to the parking rules for the University and then complete the process just as you would if you were ordering a permit.
  • The very last screen is the "Order Confirmation" page. We recommend that you print and save this page for your records.

Permit Placement

 Permit Placement
  • Parking permits must be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Permits are transferrable and re-positionable in the event that alternate vehicles are to be parked on campus.


Resident Permits

Resident Permits may park in Resident areas and in any All University Permit (AUP) parking areas.


  • Proof of campus residency is required to order a resident permit.
  • Resident parking areas are marked yellow on the Campus Parking Map.
  • Resident permits are not valid in Meadows Parking Center, Level 1 or 2 of Binkley Parking Center or Faculty/Staff areas.
  • Students must show resident status to be eligible for Resident parking.
  • Avoid parking in the following areas: visitor parking, metered parking and the Daniel Parking Center (Law Garage).


Non-Resident Permits

Commuter/Student permits may park in any All University Permit (AUP) parking areas.


  • Commuter/Student parking areas are marked red on the Campus Parking Map.
  • Commuter/Student parking permits are not valid past midnight in Meadows Museum Parking Center, Resident or Faculty/Staff areas.
  • Avoid parking in the following areas: visitor parking, Level 2 of Binkley Parking Center - Visitor parking, metered parking and the Daniel Parking Center (Law Garage).


Law School Permits

Law School Permits may park in the Law Garage and in any All University Permit (AUP) area.


  • The Daniel Parking Center (Law Garage) is marked green on the Campus Parking Map.
  • Law permits are also valid in any All University Parking (AUP) parking areas marked red on the Student Parking Map.
  • Law/Daniel Parking Permits are not valid past midnight in Meadows Museum Parking or Faculty/Staff areas.
  • Avoid parking in the following areas: Level 2-Visitor parking in Binkley Parking Center, visitor parking and metered parking.


Faculty/Staff Permits

Faculty/Staff Permits may park in Faculty/Staff (F/S) areas that are not assigned by letter.

  • General Faculty/Staff parking areas are indicated by signage posted at the entrances of each gated lot or within a parking garage.
  • Faculty/Staff Permits are also valid for parking in any All University Permit (AUP) parking areas.
  • Avoid parking in the following areas: Assigned Faculty/Staff parking lots indicated by a letter designate before 5pm, Binkley Parking Center on Level 2 -Visitor parking, visitor parking, metered parking and student resident parking.
Assigned Faculty/Staff Permits may park in the parking area that corresponds with the letter on the parking permit.


  • Only employees who have been assigned to park in these lots may receive the corresponding permit.
  • Assigned lots are reserved and subject to a waiting list. Eligible employees interested in assigned lot parking can sign up at My Parking Account.


Temporary Parking Permits

  • Temporary Parking Permits may be purchased from the Parking and ID Card Services Office between 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., M-F.
  • Temporary Parking Permits are $5.00/day and must be properly displayed when parking on campus.
  • Temporary Parking Permits are valid in any All University Permit (AUP) parking areas marked in red on the SMU Parking Maps.
  • Gated areas (Airline, Binkley and Moody Parking Centers) require a code for entry which are issued by the Parking and ID Card Services Office upon receipt of permit for non-student or employee temporary permits. Students and employees must swipe their SMU ID card for entry or exit at these locations. 

Loading/Unloading Permits

  • Temporary Parking Permits serve as loading/unloading permits that will allow you to park closer to the building where you need to load or unload items for a short period of time. 
  • Once the vehicle is loaded/unloaded, the vehicle should be parked in a regular space and not remain in the loading area. 
  • Please avoid parking in fire lanes and "No Parking Zones".

Contractor Parking Permits

  • Designated parking is available to authorized contractors with proper credentials.
  • Contractor permits may be obtained by an authorized SMU organization after the Contractor Authorization Form has been submitted to the Parking and ID Card Services Office by the contractor for review.
  • Vehicles displaying contractor permits are permitted to park in designated areas referenced on the contractor permit.  Contractor parking is currently available with the proper credentials.  
  • All contractor vehicles must display contractor permits at all times while on campus.  Contractor vehicles on campus without a current contractor permit displayed are subject to citation.




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