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John Wesley (1703–1791) and Thomas Coke (1747–1814). Two autograph signed letters to John Stretton, at Harbour Grace in Newfoundland, Canada
(London, 26 February 1786).

This remarkable document, bearing an autograph signed letter on each side dated 26 February 1786, was sent by John Wesley and Thomas Coke to John Stretton, the “Father of Methodist Missions” and the first Methodist preacher in Newfoundland. Wesley, who offered inspiration and encouragement in the face of hardship, noted that “The Pillars fall: yet the building stands! Why? Ye hand of ye Most High supports it.” In his message, Coke informed Stretton that he hoped to visit Newfoundland in the fall of 1786 and that at that time he expected to hear an account of missionary progress in the region.

Image of verso.