Access for People with Disabilities

Building Accessibility

There are designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities in the U lot north of the library. Please contact Bridwell Library Access Services at 214-768-1866 or Library Administration at 214-768-3483 for a code to gain entrance into the U parking lot. Please be aware that there are a limited number of handicapped parking spaces available.

The campus honors any government-issued disability designation visibly displayed. SMU has provisions to issue a temporary disabled permit. This issuance is done at the Parking and ID Card Services Office. For more information regarding parking for library patrons with disabilities visit Vehicle Regulations or see information at Parking and ID Card Services.

A ramp leads to the north door from the U parking lot between Bridwell Library and Owens Fine Arts Center. When you approach the door use the intercom marked “Press button and wait for answer” to speak with someone with Access Services for entry. Please remain clear of the doors as they open outward. Once you enter the library the North Elevator is available to reach the basement level.

For additional assistance, please contact SMU Services for People with Disabilities.

Assistive Technology

Bridwell Library provides two accessible computer stations for those with disabilities, one on the first floor, and one in the basement. Bridwell Library staff is available to assist library users who encounter difficulty in locating materials. There is also a HELP phone in the basement next to the print station. For assistance, lift the receiver and select the “Circulation Desk” line button.


The following software is available on the first floor Reading Assistance Station:

JAWS Screen Reading Software

  • Reads aloud what is on the PC screen and allows for comprehensive keyboard interaction with the computer.
  • Provides access to many software applications and most web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

For more information, please inquire with library staff, or see this guide.

Kurzweil 3000 Text-to-Speech Software

  • Documents, including library materials, can be scanned and the software will read the text aloud.
  • PDF and other types of files can also be converted to MP3 audio files and saved to external storage (cloud or flashdrive) for later listening.

For more information, please inquire with library staff, or see this guide.

ZoomText Screen Magnification Application

  • Allows a person to see and hear everything on the computer screen, providing access to applications, documents, email and web browsing.
  • Can read text aloud when integrated with other products.

For more information, please inquire with library staff, or see this guide.