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The Priests' Eucharistic League

Anales de los sacerdotes adoradores y de la liga sacerdotes eucaristica . Vol.8. No.2. Buenos Aires: 1915. (Pamphlet, 40 p., 18cm x 13cm)

Bound with the previous publication in the exhibit, this February edition of the monthly periodical was compiled by members of the Priests’ Eucharistic League located in Argentina, and it is one of the many publications designed to maintain close communication about the organization’s activities, yet the only example in Bridwell's collection. The Priests’ Eucharistic League was officially erected in 1887 in the church of San Claudio in Rome with the objective of frequent and prolonged worship of the Holy Eucharist by its member priests. Priests of the League were required to spend an hour per week in adoration of the Eucharist, monthly apply the indulgences obtained by this time spent to the souls of purgatory, and annually offer the Holy Sacrifice for all deceased members of the League.

This periodical contains an essay about the Eucharistic wine, a sermon describing how the performance of the Eucharist can aid in one’s quest for salvation, an essay over the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, and a study about the prayers and ceremonies of the Holy Mass.