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Oration by a Jesuit Father in Praise of King Charles III of Spain

Joseph del Castillo. El Salomón de España, oración panegyrica, con que el día 1 de mayo de 1761 años celebró en la iglesia del hospital de la concepción y Jesús Nazareno de la Ciudad de México la feliz Coronación de nuestro Rey y Señor Don Carlos III (que Dios guarde) Católico monarca de las Españas, y augusto emperador de las Indias, el Real Tribunal. México: Impr. del Real, y mas Antiguo de San Ildefonso, 1762. (Pamphlet [2], [x], 37 p., [1], 19cm x 14cm)

As the title states, this sermon was preached on May 1, 1761 in honor of the coronation of Charles III, who had actually ascended to the Spanish throne in 1759. Charles was responsible for the flourishing of the colonial economy during his reign, as he greatly improved administrative efficiency and economic development. However, his reign was also defined by his expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain and the colonies in 1767, a highly controversial decision at the time due to the Jesuits’ unsurpassed role as leaders in education and missionary work. Ironically, this panegyric oration was written by a Jesuit priest and professor, extolling the virtues of the king who, in just a few years, would banish him from his post as the Premiere Teacher of Sacred Theology at the prestigious Colegio Máximo de San Pedro y San Pablo. The speech also includes descriptions of paintings, sonnets, Latin epigrams, octavas, and decimas dedicated to Charles III.