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Hymn in Honor of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

Himno que la junta Guadalupana de puebla consagra a Maria Santísima de Guadalupe, al cumplirse los trescientos años de su aparición en México. ca. 1831. (Broadside, 21cm x 16cm)

The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, was one of the most highly revered manifestations of Saint Mary worshiped in colonial New Spain, and her veneration continued to expand after Father Miguel Hidalgo used her image to mobilize the people of  Dolores and lead the movement for Mexican independence.  Mexican Catholics believe that the Virgin of Guadalupe miraculously appeared in 1531 to a newly converted Indian named Juan Diego just outside of Mexico City at Tepeyac.  In May of 1831, the Junta Guadalupana formed in the city of Puebla to organize the fiestas to commemorate the third centennial of her apparition, celebrations planned with the aim of surpassing any that had ever been seen before in the New World.  They also wrote several hymns, including this example, to better praise her glory.

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