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Dramatic Representation of the Story of Abraham and Isaac

Isaac, figura del redentor: Drama sagrado de metastasio. Trans. unknown. México: Impr. de Luís Abadiano y Valdés, 1850. (Leaflet, 8 p., 24cm x 17cm)

This piece, unlike anything else in the collection, is a short dramatic work that depicts Isaac as a prefiguration of Christ. The drama opens with Abraham telling young Isaac stories about his own life and God’s promise to him that his descendants shall number more than the stars in the sky. Isaac goes to bed in awe of his father’s words, and Abraham contemplates the blessing of his son. The traditional story unfolds in an untraditional manner as each character's emotions are melodramatically expressed when he or she learns of the fate in store for Isaac. Much of the story is seen through the point of view of the tearful Sarah, who waits at home for her husband to return from slaughtering her son. The climactic scene on the mountain is described rather than dramaticized by the characters who rejoice that God spared Isaac at the last moment. Finally, Abraham receives a vision from God of a day in the future when the Almighty Father sacrifices His blameless son so that the world may be saved.