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Daily Devotional Prayers and Songs

Visita y oraciones a María Santísima y colección de cantos religiosos populares . San Juan de los Lagos: Impr. de Carlos Gallardo, [n.d.]. (Book, [2], 64 p., 16cm x 11cm)

Another item of popular piety, this small book is a compilation of common prayers and a wide variety of religious songs to be used in everyday life. It is impossible to know how many Mexicans dutifully performed such prayers or offered up songs on a daily basis, but the sheer number of prayer guides, hymns, odes, sonnets, etc. devoted to the daily worship of religious figures suggests that such pious exercises were quite common. Even though Christ was the undisputed head of the Catholic Church, the most commonly worshiped figure in everyday life was the Virgin Mary in one of her various forms. The faithful prayed to her as “the only hope of sinners” and “the most perfect of all the daughters of Adam,” so that she might intercede on their behalf with her son Jesus, who would judge the living and the dead. This book contains three prayers to Mary in addition to 29 songs dedicated to her, 5 songs to Jesus, 20 songs to the holy sacrament, nine songs to the missions, one song to the blessed souls of purgatory, and one song to Saint Joseph.