Research Study at Bridwell Library

Bridwell Library Scholar in Residence

Bridwell Library of the Perkins School of Theology offers an opportunity to stay on the Southern Methodist University campus for a concentrated research leave of one to three weeks. The cost to utilize the on-campus studio apartment is $250 per week. A Bridwell Library Scholar in Residence opportunity also provides free access to a private study carrel in the Bridwell Library. Acceptance as a Scholar in Residence is dependent upon availability of the studio apartment.

Bridwell Library holds approximately 400,000 items in religion, theology, and related fields. Its substantial collections make it an especially valuable resource for scholars and ministers wishing to further their theological knowledge and understanding.

Special collections include extensive holdings in theological, liturgical, and devotional texts from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, with particular emphasis on English sermons, religious polemic, and church history. The works of John Wesley and his colleagues and critics are found in first and early editions. Bridwell Library houses a significant Bible collection, including medieval manuscripts and scrolls, major monuments of fifteenth-century printing, important translations and commentaries of the Reformation period, missionary Bibles in diverse languages, and modern fine press editions. Archives include extensive collections of unique, original, primary source materials documenting the history of Perkins School of Theology, Bridwell Library, and United Methodism in Texas and surrounding states.

The program is open to all active scholars from Ph.D. students to retired professors, and to religious leaders of all faiths. Applicants are approved based on the availability of the on-campus apartment. For additional information, email or call (214) 768-3483.