NCSP Experiences

"New Century Scholars provided me with an easy transition into college life. Since I had never lived away from home, I liked living in the same residence hall and on the same floor with my classmates. We shared the same English class, served our community each month and quickly became close friends."
-Lahela Williams

"I am so glad that I decided to take part in NCSP. Not only was it an awesome way to be instantly involved in school activities, but it is also helped me meet so many great people who have similar interests to mine. Living with other New Century Scholars is probably one of my fondest memories of freshman year!"
-Anam Hadwani

"New Century Scholars allowed me to be a part of a small group of people on campus before I even arrived. This allowed me to make friends quickly, feel more at home and provided me with a network of people who were all in my class. This helped keep my grades up and allowed me to meet more people. I am very happy I decided to take part and would encourage others to do the same."
-Trevor Wolfe

"The New Century Scholars Program rocks! Late night dinners in Mac's Place and rolling out of bed one minute before class are just a few of the program's perks. I made so many unforgettable friends and memories living on the second floor of McElvaney! If I had to pick my favorite memory from the program, it would be attending the NCSP Alternative Breaks trip to Boston with my roommate. We served the homeless community in Boston while hanging out and seeing the sites! I am definitely going to miss living on the second floor of McElvaney with all of my friends!" 
-Colton Donica

"The New Century Scholars Program has been an enrichment to my college experience that I had not anticipated.  It allowed me to learn new skills, serve others, grow in a leadership position, and enjoy the community not only on campus but in the Dallas area.  My favorite part of the program has been building relationships, not only do you meet friends that you can have for the next four years, you learn how to work toward something greater than yourself." 
-Brianna McIntyre

"The New Century Scholars Program really allowed me to start my career at SMU on the right foot. The program exceeded any expectations I ever had and provided me with the opportunities of a lifetime. I was given a University award for some of the community service work I did for the program, and I made so many lifelong friends in class and while doing community service.  I was fortunate enough to have a strong bond with the Program Director who has written me countless recommendations and given me excellent advice about my future endeavors.  Even though I'm not technically in the program anymore, I still find myself coming to events held by New Century Scholars and definitely promoting the program to incoming students.  The program is exclusive and absolutely exceptional, and that is definitely something to brag about!"
-Megan Gray

"The service experiences that we have shared in the New Century Scholars Program not only brought us closer together as a group, but also have helped us form strong relationships with service organizations in Dallas."
-Sean Vogel

"I've become a better person by volunteering my time to help others as a New Century Scholar. I learned values and lessons that could not be taught in the classroom. Working with peers and meeting the individuals we help is something I want to continue doing not just at SMU, but for the rest of my life."
-Christine Medrano

"When I was coming into SMU as a freshman, I didn't know anyone and was really unsure about coming to a school that was as big as the town I grew up in. However, being a part of NCSP made me feel like I was back at home. I was able to get to know people on my floor quickly and people were all really nice and driven. It definitely helped with my transition from high school to college, and I met some of my best friends and future sorority sisters!"
-Savannah Stephens

"The New Century Scholar Program provided an incredible opportunity to make friends and serve the greater Dallas community. Within the first few days, I knew each member of the organization, and within a couple months, we shared a unique bond of friendship. I often met with my New Century peers for lunch, for meetings, for class, and for community service. We volunteered for a variety of organizations, and our time spent working also served as time hanging out. I am glad I joined the New Century Scholar Program. It was a great way to start my college experience."
-Matt Smoldt
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