Advantages of the Living and Learning Experience


As a New Century Scholar, you will be apart of a residential learning community of selected first-year students. Students across all majors are invited to join based on academic achievement, but the program goes beyond success in the classroom. We want students like you who are engaged in the community and striving to make a positive impact.



The New Century Scholars Program provides students with many outstanding experiences. The program allows high-achieving, community-minded students to have an honors experience and an outlet for their dedication to service. The program attracts high quality students and enriches the first-year experience through a commitment to the community at SMU.

  • Students work closely with numerous service organizations in the Dallas community. These service projects provide the Dallas area with an up-close look at the quality of SMU students.
  • As a plus, the program offers mentoring opportunities to a limited number of high performers who might enjoy and benefit from a second year of involvement as a New Century Scholar.
  • The program is led by a student advisory board that molds the year's programming. This is an extremely valuable opportunity for New Century Scholars to learn leadership skills while making contacts on the SMU campus and in the Dallas community. This helps provide a positive environment and fosters a sense of University pride.


residence hall


You and other New Century Scholars will take selected courses together. This provides an academic outlet for exploring the program's focus on community involvement and the importance of personal responsibility. Because the program is almost entirely student led, with the students researching, proposing and selecting community outreach activities, it's a great opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills. You'll live and learn with other students who appreciate the value of personal, social, and civic responsibility.

 studying at dallas hall


Accept your invitation to be a New Century Scholar and make a difference on campus and in the community. You will learn to be a leader and a doer, traits that will prepare you for a world that is ever-changing.
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